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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5 things about myself....

I have been tagged by my cute, pregnant friend Audra, and I don't want to disappoint. I know I have written lists of random facts about myself before, but what's a blog for anyway. So here goes... 1. I could sleep 24 hours if I had no where to be. I have always thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome, but working nights has really knocked me over the edge. I can sleep all day, and then sleep all night. I can sleep anywhere, anytime, anyplace. I can sleep through action movies, and in rooms full of people. I am like a cat. 2. I dont remember if I posted this in my list of 100 random things, but every number I look at, I have to determine whether or not it is divisible by 3. It was very annoying an a recent 19 hour car ride I went on (next post!) 3. I love all holidays. I decorate (as much as Luke will let me) for all holidays. I would like to say Christmas is my favorite, but I think I love them all equally. 4. I love Easter candy the most (as compared to other holiday candy). I think that everything Cadbury makes is divine. 5. I love to garden. I always did my parents flower beds, and loved every minute of it! There is nothing more rewarding than getting your hands dirty and having beautiful results a few weeks later! We will see how much I put into our rental house garden! Sorry this has taken my over 2 weeks to post!! Audra, thanks for tagging me!! I will tag, Heather, Tracy (both), Tricia, Laurette, & Katie!

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