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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Fair

I absolutely love the fair. The lights, the sounds, and the greasy food. I try to instill our family values into our kids at an early age, and I think that fair attendance will be high on their priority list as well. We had a turkey leg, chicken on a stick, corn on the cob, fried pickles, and fried oreos. Wish I could eat dinner like that more often!
Loving a turkey leg
Like father, like son
Mommy! There is a lady with no head!
Precious baby piggies in the straw!
Mommy, I dont think that ride is safe  for Sissy.
Kate loved all the rides! So funny, my little shy daredevil!
The goose was right, this fair is rat's paradise. Bye-bye, my humble Wilbur. Fare thee well Charlotte, you old schemer. This will be a night to remember! -Templeton, Charlotte's Web 

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