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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A few random end of the year

I realized I had a few pictures from the end of the year that didnt really fit with Thanksgiving or Christmas that I had forgotten to share. We got to celebrate this little Nugget's 3rd Birthday in the park with donuts, face painting, carriage rides, and balloon animals.

Kate, Sam, and I got up the next morning and went to Starkville to celebrate a very special baby! My friend adopted her from Memphis this past August and we were able to get together for a sip and see. She is the sweetest thing and has been prayed for many many times before she reached their arms. I had kept their Christmas card from 2011 in my closet to remind myself to pray for them every morning. I was so thankful to be able to take their card down and replace it with someone else who is waiting on a baby!

Our three girls: Kate, Anna Joy, and Abby Bette

Look at that beautiful, proud Mama!

Kate might have been obsessed with the hot chocolate bar and had about 6 cups.

Things get crazy when all the babies are together. Elisabeth is on the phone!

Preston loves his brother so much. I love watching him turn off his rowdy to be sweet.

All these boys were born within a month of each other!

Wawa got to come meet Sam too! I totally forgot my face was painted for our pic. Dork.

We ended up at Supper Club one night with all the boy kids. They were so happy to join in on our fun night.n Ha!

Last, but not least, Sam's stocking! This stocking was started 26 years ago for my little brother, Blake. I finished it before Sam was born, and I thought it was special because Blake is the third child, so is Sam. Preston is the only one without a cross-stitched stocking, but he does have a handmade felt one. He says he likes it the best now, but I dont want him to have middle child syndrome later in life about his stocking!

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