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Friday, January 3, 2014

November Wrap up 2013

Our November started off with a trip to Alabama for a wedding! 
Kate and the other flower girl getting down to Taylor Swift, Mean!

Preston loving his Daddy!

My precious two week old Sam!

I am in love with these outfits, this cotton field, and these kids!

I dont love Preston more, Kate was just too busy to stop and take pictures with lame mom!

The wedding was on the banks of the Sipsey River. It was gorgeous!!

We have also enjoyed some naps during November...
And me venturing out with these three monkeys! We had some time to kill before Sam's check up!

Preston is loving his new role as big brother! He loves to kiss Sam (on the back of the head) and then he puts his little cheek down on top of his head. It is the sweetest gesture from my wild boy!

Blake and Chelsea made it down from Indy to meet Sam,

Enjoying his play mat.

We had some warm days to play outside.

And some warm blankets to snuggle inside.

The kids had Muffins with Mom at their school. Kate made me this awesome crown to wear.

Preston joined Sam for tummy time.

And then all of the sudden, he was one month old!

And smiling!

And looking like his Daddy!

We had lots of people come meet our newest boy!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving in Tupelo for lunch.

Kate the pilgrim. I wish we are all as un-self-conscious (did I make that word up?) as this little pretty is!

Kate loves to take my camera and get pictures. I just love this picture of Luke's sweet grandmother, Audrey Thorn Cantrell that Kate took. So much life has been lived! 

We had dinner at my grandparents in Collierville that night.

My aunt, uncle, and cousins came in from Texas to meet Sam!

I love seeing teenage boys being sweet. These boys play some mean baseball and football, but they love my kids so good and play so well with them.

We had Christmas with them while they were here.

Preston is the most fun kid to give things to. He is so appreciative and just lights up!
Dirty Santa getting rowdy!

Aunt Linda in the cat chair.

The cousins

Brett's first time to hold Sam.

Daddy Doc and all his grandkids.

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