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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

December Week Three

We started out the week with Jake's boy scout court of honor on Monday night. Preston was so cute...I was trying to get a picture of him saluting during the pledge. Jake is one rank away from Eagle. So proud!

I was sitting in the back feeding Sam and everyone else was across the room. Preston came and found me and said, "You lonely, Mama?"

Being the mom of three has been really fun so far. We love having a newborn in the house and the big kids crack me up daily. Sometimes, I feel like I have it all together...

Like the day we had literally 8 errands to run to get ready for Christmas and I decided a Target pizza would be a perfect lunch. I got our food and got us situated in the back so Sam could eat too. Just as I was thinking, "Yay! Ive got this!" Preston yells, "I gotta potty NOW!" Pizza, breadsticks, and drinks were packed up quickly and a blanket was thrown over Sam in the sling as we made our way to the family bathroom. You just gotta laugh when I think I have it together.

I told Luke during this week that I didnt want Christmas to be over...he looked at me like I was crazy, but it seems like once the events start, it is over.

We had a wonderful time at Bellevue's Singing Christmas Tree. It was amazing!!

Sam had his two month check-up. He is my skinny babe. You can see his stats on the table paper.

And then the poor thing cried when they gave him the oral vaccine! He hadnt even seen the needle at this point! Haha!

We enjoyed Kate's Christmas program. I love this face. Slightly nervouse, slightly embarassed, trying not to look for her fans. She was a camel. That makes me laugh everytime I think about it!

She was bossing the kid behind her and almost fell. 

Then she spotted KK and Daddy!

Her fans: Granny T


KK and Aunt Kelly

And her bestie, Isabel.

All five of us!

That afternoon, they had an open house at her dance. I let her wear a holiday tutu for the occasion. One of my favorite things is watching her dance and learn. I hope she loves dancing as much as I did growing up. First we watched tap. 

Sam loved watching too!

And then ballet.

Preston was so proud!

My mom held the annual Gingerbread House Party for our small group kids again on Friday afternoon. 

It was sugared chaos as usual and wonderful!

Chelsea (Blake's sweet girlfriend) made it in from Indy to visit! We love her!

And look at this little elf!

the aftermath

Katie and Audrie came in town that night and we were able to hang out. It was Aunt Dee and Audrie's first time to meet Sam, so they got some good snuggles in! We left the next morning for our Christmas rounds in Tupelo. We celebrated with Papa Q and Ninabelle for lunch and the Tallys for dinner.
The elves were able to make the trip with us to keep an eye on the kids. #wreckingball

Ninabelle got the kids a precious table so they would have somewhere to sit.

Luke's sister, Katie, and her daughter, Audrie

Opening gifts

We left there and went to the hospital. I let Katie and Luke out to visit Granny. I drove the kids around hoping they would nap. Then we went to Aunt Hilda's for dinner.

This was hilarious! Audrie pulled a chair up to the desserts. Dont mind if I do.

Grammy, Aunt Dee, and Sam

Katie and Audrie came back with us on Saturday night, and we went to church on Sunday morning.

We came back to the house and opened presents and had a yummy Christmas meal!

Luke made a fabulous turkey, and we had green bean casserole, broccoli and rice casserole, sister schubert rolls, and fudge pie for dessert. I made the kids initial stockings.

They left right about nap time, and Grammy and PopPop got to our house a little while later. We did gifts with them and went to Starry Nights.

Grammy and PopPop had to leave early the next morning to make it to Katie's, and Kate woke up feeling crummy. I broke my own personal record and had all four of us up and out of the house before 8. We made it to the dr for the walk in clinic (this was Monday, the 23rd, so you can imagine what a madhouse it was). The front desk sent me to the appt girl and she said she was gonna have to make an appt for later that day. I almost broke down, told her I had driven an hour to get there, had not slept due to having a newborn, had company all weekend, and knew all she needed has an antibiotic for her ear and drops for her pinkeye. I apologized for being dramatic because that just isnt my style, and she took pity on me. We were in and out with our scripts!

There were so many feverish kids there I wouldnt let mine move from the front door. I am sure we looked crazy sitting there, but I really didnt want anyone catching the flu before Christmas!

This was Luke's teddy from his first Christmas.

I was supposed to have my family over for dinner that night, but because of our morning and the fact I had to go to Collierville for our meds, my house wasnt ready for company. We headed over to Daddy Doc and Granny Ts for yummy bbq and a sing-for-your-gift game.

Kate was feeling much better the next morning (Christmas Eve!) Luke was off work and able to enjoy some of our acativities! We got everyone up and dressed and surprised them with a trip to the Enchanted Forest (one of my fave childhood memories!)

So crazy...I saw this tree and thought my cousin's cousin, Adam, would LOVE this tree. As we made the corner, I read the label and it was HIS tree! Im psychic sometimes.

Last minute requests.

We met back at my parents and the kids took naps.

We met Megan, Brett, and Brett's mom at their church for some Jesus worshiping.

We headed out to Arlington after that for Christmas Eve at Nannie's.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.
Clement Moore

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