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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gwen, A True Rockstarr

As some of you know, Luke got me tickets to Gwen Stefani for my birthday! We drove over to Dallas on Cinco de Mayo, and had an absolutely wonderful night. Lady Sovereign played first, follwed by Akon. (on a side note, Akon ahs 7 wives. Luke is obsessed with this fact. Should I be worried?) They were alright, but as soon as Gwen hit the stage, the show really started. She has such wonderful stage presence, and I kept saying, "She is just so cool." I am kinda obsessed with her, as in she is my new girl crush. I really wish I could dance like her, and I wanted to be her size until I read her diet (basically almonds and water). I also liked the fact that her rider is very reasonable. A rider is what the artist requires at a show, thanks Travis! She also talked alot about her son, Kingston, and seems like a really good Mommy. He was in the tour bus during the show! What a crazy childhood he will have.
The weather was wonderful, we were outside, and we just enjoyed being on a date!
And if I start wearing dark eye liner and red lipstick, know it is just my Rockstarr phase.


Crystal and Billy said...

So much fun...Gwen puts on a great show. I got to see her last year when she came to ATL and had the Black Eyed Peas open up for her and it was one of the best concerts I had been to in a long time. I know you had a blast!!!

Trey and Heather said...

little jealous.