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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Long overdue!

Hello Everyone! I realize it has been FOREVER since I have posted. We haven't even been that busy, but working nights I lose track of time...where to start... Luke's dad came to visit on the 19th. He was riding with the Ride to the Memorial, and it happens to come through in Longivew (I think), which is about an hour from us. Bandit loved the motorcycle! This past Thursday, Luke and I went to Dallas so I could catch my flight Friday morning. I am not used to driving an hour and a half to get to an airport, but it gave us a chance to see Dallas. The weather was terrible on the way in and I thought we weren't going to make it! Auntie Em, Auntie Em!
Front of car:

Back of car:

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency. Fabulous!! The big ball is a spinning bar. I found somewhere that makes Bellinis better than Old Venice. Now, I am not cheating on Old Venice, but those suckers were good! We had a wonderful time watching the city spin by, and we got to see what a Sweet 16 Bday party in Dallas is like. Very different from my fajitas cooked at home (by Mr. Jeff) with all of my close friends over (but I will say that is what I requested!) It did make me envy my 16 year old body and wish for it back.
Friday morning I was at the airport by 6:00 am. I arrived in DC about 11, and met up with Sara and her friends for her Bachelorette Party. We stopped and had lunch at Panera Bread (yum yum!) We dropped off Alice and Justine at Sara's apt, and Sara and I went site-seeing. We visited Brad at work, and he gave us an unofficial-official tour of the Capitol. It was so interesting to learn about the history of the architecture. Brad did an excellent job on his tour, and his office was really official! Thanks! Sara and I got hot, and so we went to the Washington Hotel rooftop for some beautiful sites of the city and a glass of wine. I felt very sophisticated. Friday night, we were supposed to hang out, eat, and watch Sex and the City. Our bachelorette had other ideas. We went out and had a wonderful time! The next morning, we got up and shopped for a while (they had an anthroplogie store, which I loved), ate Sbarro, and got in a good nap. Saturday night, we had Sara's lingerie shower, and then went to eat at Perry's. We ate on the roof, and had a delicious meal! Sushi, edamame, and delicious desserts! We then went out and had some more fun! It was a long overdue girls weekend, and I cant wait until the wedding in New Orleans!
Only Ten Days!!
In more breaking news, we are planning on moving back home this summer! Hip Hip Hooray!
I put in my notice at work for my last day to be June 28, and I start work at Methodist Germantown in OB the second week of July. What am I going to do for my week off...Well, it just so happened that week my family will be heading to Perdido Key, FL. Funny how it worked out, huh? :)
I think that is everything that is going on right now. Luke is in Dallas working for the week, so Bandit and I have the apt to ourselves :( Work and sleep is all that is on the schedule!


Trey and Heather said...

love it.

i would have cried in that car with all the storms and nonsense.

Josh & Jessica said...

So, it really is official. We got the notice in our thank you card from Luke. We are so excited y'all are moving back. Josh and Luke have been playing phone tag for about a week now. Maybe we'll try again tonight. Have a great last few weeks in TX. Love y'all!!

Crystal and Billy said...

I know you are super excited about moving back home!!!

Katie said...

How scary is that weather?!?! I would have had a heart attack for sure. That is wonderful about you moving home! I wish I could live closer to my family... but unless we move Pugh Farms, Inc. to MS, I'll be here for good! :)

Tracy said...

I'm so glad to see that you are alive and blogging again...I've missed it!!! I was wondering when you were going to make the "official" announcment that YOU'RE MOVING HOME!!!!! Yay! I'm super excited!!!

Tricia said...

1. Those storm shots were awesome! Have you considered a career in storm chasing?

2. Glad you're blogging again.

3. Fun Bachelorette Party! You didn't happen to steal a bike from a homeless man and ride it around did you?

4. I'M GLAD YOU'RE COMING BACK TO MEMPHIS! We will all need to meet in Tupelo pronto!

nurse jen said...

Sorry I have been ignoring my blog lately!! I am so bad about that! However, thanks for the comment you left a while back! I looked at your blog and it seems we have quite a bit in common! I am one of 4 kids (3rd, though); bday is April 4..close; I'm of course a NICU nurse; LOVE the south..lived there for 5 years in college; on and on....FUN!! How's nursing going? Your last post says you are going to move to an OB floor when you move!! GREAT!! That is something I may do in the future if I burn out in the ICU! I attend MANY deliveries as a NICU nurse though! We are the 6th largest birthing center in the US!! BUSY BUSY!!! ;) I hope you enjoy it!!
Take care!!