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Saturday, May 19, 2007

30 Day Photo Challenge

Now that my 30 day photo challenge is complete, I figured I should tell you what each picture is... Day 1- Luke eating corn w/ our cow corn holders. Day 2- Our precious Bandit Day 3- The sunflowers Luke got me for my birthday Day 4- I was missing my friends one Friday night, and Luke ran into the bathroom and came out smiling ear to ear, with this inscribed on his chest. Day 5-This is my reusable grocery bag from Brookshire'>Day 6-My boys waving goodbye from our balcony. Day 7-What I am reading at the moment. Day 8-A girl from work made me cupcakes for passing my boards! YEA! Day 9-This is a crazy head at some plant down the road. Isnt it huge? Day 10-The sign on the MS bridge that says, "Welcome Home!" Ok, it really says, "Weclome to Tennessee!" Day 11-Gloria's puppies Day 12-Jake waving from 3rd base. This was after another parent called me his mom. I am not a slut, people! Day 13-Bandit and Muffin. Day 14-An EMPTY dirty clothes hamper! Day 15-Luke and Bandit cuddling. (After this challenge, I realized Luke never wears a shirt) Day 16-Where I keep half of my summer shoes. (we are tight on space) Day 17-Our computer room/storage/where I blog from! Day 18-Funfetti cookies. They are awesome. Day 19-Luke and me at Gwen! Day 20-Smoochie smoochie! Day 21-Luke reading about some rich people's vacations. Day 22-What our dining room looked like after Bandit chewed up a MS State pillow. Day 23-From our wedding day! Day 24-Luke modeling something I am knitting! Day 25-Bandit's quarters. No he does not like them. Yes he still cries EVERY time I lock him up. Day 26-The beautiful flowers Luke got me for our 5 month anniversary. He has gotten me flowers every month since we have been married, sweet thang! Day 27-Me and Bandit after I had woken up for the night! Day 28-Every business, home, & doghouse in Texas has a Texas flag. Our friend's (Kay Dee-a TX native) dad got the Senator to send us one! We belong! Day 29-Bandit and me coming home from the park. Day 30- Our little family hanging out!

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