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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thats Hot


My friend, Heather, wrote a blog about how terrible Paris is. I felt it only fair to give the other side. (pictures courtesy of Heather's blog :)

I know, I know, she is a spoiled brat. She has done nothing to deserve her fame or fortune. But I think that is why I like her. She is so completely out of my rea
lm of anything normal, and I think that sparks the attraction. America is enthralled with Hollywood, and I think her lifestyle is probably one of the most opposite from anything any of us will ever experience. She really never had a chance at a normal childhood. She has never had a job, never wanted for anything, and has never had to work hard for anything in her life. Even after downloading her night vision stunt on the internet, my love for her has not waned. (and yes, it was embarassing when my computer crashed and my dad took it to a friend at work to get it fixed and that thing was on there!) Yes, she is an uneducated, lazy piece of work, but who wouldn't want to grow up in an expensive hotel wearing couture clothes.

Good luck with those heels in Jail, sister! I am glad she is going to the slammer, because nothing infuriates me more than drunk driving, and I hope she makes a turn for the better.


Trey and Heather said...

No you didn't. I love it. Are we in a paris war?

Oh how I miss living with you with Paris as your laptop backround and various videos of P.H. downloaded to your desktop.

I love you.

The Davidsons said...

Y'all crack me up! I love celebrity gossip!