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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Five Months!

There are not many things in life that excite me more than getting a pretty invitation in the mail. Whether it is to a wedding, a shower, or a birthday party, I really think the invitation is the first glimpse at what's to come. It makes me excited, and allows me to enjoy the anticipation for the event everytime I see it on my fridge. Our good friends, Brad and Sara, are getting married one month from today. We received their invitation earlier this week, and they are gorgeous!! From the beautifully lined envelopes, to the wax seal, I loved receiving it, and looking at it! Luke and I are both in the wedding, and we can't wait for our good friends' Big Day! Their Wedding Day is also our 6 Month Anniversary! Kinda cool, huh?

Congrats Brad and Sara! We can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Those invitations are gorgeous!!! Look for my dad and his new woman...I think they are going down for all the festivities!!! I miss you Boo!!!!

Trey and Heather said...

i know, my mom called me last night and said, and I qoute,

" I just got the PRETTIEST invitation in the mail. I mean, gorgeous. In all my life I have never seen anything more beautiful."

Gee, thanks, mom. I guess my invitations were equivellent to post-it-notes.

but they are pretty indeed.

Sara said...

Amanda, I think you are the sweetest person in the whole entire world. Luke, you are a very lucky man!!