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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Anniversaries Everywhere!

Two of my very best friends had Anniversaries this week. (That is Laurette on the left, and Heather on the right.)
I will start with Laurette because she has been married the longest (2 whole years). I remember waiting for her to get engaged, and then the night she did chasing her into her room at the KD house until she told us the truth! Her engagement story was so sweet and started off a semester of planning and fun. I can also distinctly remember walking into her room several weeks later and she was packing up to move out of the KD house and into a house with Travis-A BOY! Yuck! I immediately burst into tears and couldnt believe our time living together had come to an end, and our time to move on had come. Her wedding was beautiful, and I was honored to serve her as Maid-of-Honor. Look how pretty she is!
Fun at the Bacha-Laurette Partay!
The next anniversary is that of Heather and Trey. They got married June 3rd last year. The same before mentioned semester, Heather was lucky enough to be my roommmate. We both were dating our future-husbands, and would spend nights laying in bed talking about being married and future kids (of course, mine would be cool, and hers not so much.) Our room was covered of pictures of us and our sig others, and I must say I became very accustomed to waking up to Trey's scruffy face hiking in Maine. Heather happened to get engaged the day after I did, and this is what the conversation sounded like: ABC: "Hello?" (thinking, Heather must be so excited for me since I just got engaged.) HJTS:" I JUST GOT ENGAGED!!" ABC:"Yea, I know." HJTS: "WHAT?" ABC: "Yea, I know. I called you last night. Were you asleep?" HJTS: "NO! I GOT ENGAGED! TREY JUST PROPOSED. THE SAME PLACE MY DAD DID!" ABC: "OH MY GOSH! WE ARE GOING TO BE BRIDES TOGETHER! YEA YEA YEA!" Her wedding was also absolutely beautiful, and I was the Star Bridesmaid! Tea for Heather (with Katherine and Katelyn, too)I am so lucky to have such good friends who are such beautiful brides! Happy Anniversary to the Wolfes and the Skaggs! Love yall!


Katie said...

Excellent anniversary shout outs! What a good friend you are!

Trey and Heather said...

so sweet! i love it...thanks!!!

My kids will be WAY cooler.

LWolfe said...

aw Boo Boo, you are the best! and i couldn't have chosen a more stellar MOH! You definitely helped make the day more wonderful that i could have imagined. I just remember your being so sweet and making sure that travis and i ate and drank at our reception. and H-JOy Skaggs, we looked DANG good in our wedding dresses!!! we might should wear them every day!! Boo, I need that picture of us.

LWolfe said...

oh, and thanks for making me get a tan! I would have been a pastey bride without your persistence.