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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where , oh, where could I be?

I am sure all fo my faithful readers have noticed that I havent posted in 9 days...and my last two posts were just shout-outs to Anniversaries! Where have I been, you might ask? Well, I will start with the weekend of the 8th-10th. Remember that beautiful invitation I posted about a few weeks ago? With something that extravagant, my hopes for the weekend festivities were high. Well, the wedding met my full expectations and then some. Luke and I went to New Orleans for our friends, Brad and Sara's, Wedding weekend! And what a weekend it was! The rehearsal dinner was at a place called The Palace Cafe, and I had the most delicious thing I have ever put in my mouth (well, besides Bob's famous crawfish soup). It was a crab that combo might sound disgusting, but it wasnt sweet at all, and it was so good I ate mine and the guy's sitting across from me. The fish entree was also fabulous, and the creme brulee for dessert was second to none! We all enjoyed Bourbon Street that night (Luke might have had a little too much fun), and then the next day was jam pakced with wedding "stuff". The bridesmaids met for brunch in Sara's suite that overlooked the river-Beautiful! We had a lovely array of fruit, bananas foster somtehingortheother, name it, I ate it! Sara's hairdresser arrived and did her face and hair while the rest of us got ready. We left the hotel by limo and went to a nearby park for some pics. So hot, but the lovely bride had gotten monogrammed fans for us ladies! Love it! Right before the wedding music started, Sara realized she had forgotten her crinoline slip...Now for all of my male readers, this might seem like no big deal. For those of us who have planned a wedding/are planning a wedding/ ever plan on planning a wedding, a small detail like this can cause a meltdown. Not for this Bride. She waited patiently for a friend from out of town to break in to her hotel room and arrive. As I started my descent downt the aisle, I knew to walk as SLOW as possible so that the slip could be put on under her huge dress! She pulled it off like a pro...Then the wedding ceremony, which was so sweet, and even more meaningful because it was my and Luke's 6th month anniversary! Sara was an absolutely stunning bride, and I was so honored that Luke and I were a part of their Big Day. I was also honored that she wore my veil on her trek down the aisle. Saturday night, Luke and I took Sara's "Yankee" friends out for some real Cajun cooking. They each tried a crawfish, and Justine and I split 4 pounds. I was so proud to Southernize these girls from Michigan, Boston, and a boy from England. We hit up Bourbon St. again, and were able to hang out with our Starkville friends. We ended the night with a late night run to Cafe Du Monde with Davis and Hailey Woodward. An absolutely fabulous weekend!
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Since that weekend, I had not seen Luke for more than 20 minutes (and that was only twice!). I tend t exaggerate my stories, blogged and in real life, but I am not kidding! He was able to come home last night, and he is on his way now! I am getting spoiled-2 nights in a row! HAHA! This past weekend, I went home to get my job situation situated and to help throw a shower for my future cousin in law. Everything with the job went smoothly, and I am on track to start July 9. Hopefully the process wont be slowed down any! The shower was also a blast. We are so excited to be getting Cassie into our family...I just hope she can put up with Joey :) Cassie and Joey got so many wonderful gifts, and I was able to hang out with the twins-precious as always! I thought after getting married I would want kids immediately, but seeing Jennifer and her babies, I think I can wait just a little while! Dont get me wrong, she is an absolutely perfect mother, and doenst appear stressed or tired, but I cant imagine caring for myself and someone (or 2 someones) all the time! Jennifer is so good with the babies, and they are always dressed to the nines.
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I think that is all that is going on in our lives right now. I have 6 more days of work, and then we are going to the Perdido Key with my family for a week! I ahve already started packing because I am so freakin excited! My dad was right, you dont truly appreciate a vacation until you are working full-time. And by full-time he wasnt talking about Happy Times Farm (my place of employment from 1995-2003). Disclaimer: I am sorry my pictures are not so good. I had to revert to my old camera b/c I mailed in my new camera to get fixed. I broke a door off of it, and b/c it is waterproof I decided to not gorilla-glue it myself, but to get Olympus to fix it. When Luke called about it and found out it was going to cost him $166.99 to fix one door, and yelled at the woman about how ridiculous that was, and she mailed my camer back unfixed :( I really love my husband, but I also really loved my waterprrof camera. He said he would rig it so I can use it at the beach next week, so I am sure you can imagine the duck tape that will be used. Ah!


Little Daddy said...

Welcome back to Memfrica, as I believe you put it elsewhere in the blog world.

We will have to get Laurette and Travis down one weekend and have a welcome home party.

Trey and Heather said...

Welcome back. You have been missed, dear friend. Altough we talk on the phone, nothing compares to a good blog read.

A couple of things:

1) You ate at a place called "the"? Really? that's the name? With a name like that, it is bound to be extrodinary.

2) You look like a pro holding maggie (who by the way, from the looks of the picture does not care too much for you.)

3) Come see me. Or better yet, wait until I get my Hybrid and I will drive to you.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. That picture of you and Maggie is priceless.

Those babies look just like Jennifer.

We can't wait for you and Luke to come home.

Please tell Luke that the boys have been taking tennis lessons and expect to play a few games with him to keep him from getting rusty.


Trace's Space said...

Yay - here's my new blog..... :)

Rodrigo said...

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