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Friday, December 5, 2014


September was another fun filled month. We started off celebrating one of my oldest friends (not in terms of age...but in length of friendship :) She has loved me since I was six weeks old -heehee!) Lauren and Sara live in Chicago, and they came down to let us shower them with baby things and rub on Lauren's belly...she really loved that. They both take trapeze lessons (I wish memphis would get in on that action!) so we went with a circus themed shower.

This was my favorite decoration...and I loved seeing everyone's reaction!

The whole Parsons crew

plus spouses

Berkely surprised Lauren by driving in from Atlanta that morning!

Our church had an awesome back to school bash!

I yelled adult swim and the mamas and daddies had some fun on the slide!

I captured one of my favorite all time memories of these two!

We found out Megan and Brett are expecting!!!!

Kate is developing her green thumb.

We took our day off of school to meet Daddy for lunch.

How bout them dawgs?!

We celebrated Everly turning one!

We celebrated Jake making it through Marine boot camp! We are so proud of him!

 In one week, this little girl lost her first tooth, learned how to ride her bike, and learned how to tie her shoes. Go big or go home.

Love these all boy boys! (shirts had to come off because the water fountain got them wet out of no where!)

Enjoyed an outdoor ballet with these two/

These two love each other so much. They greet each other with a hug and kiss and it is precious!

Kate started dance class!

Kate and I went to one of Blake's BFFs and another one of my YL girl's weddings. It was so much fun!

We are a dancing family!

Megan said we look like a meth ad. Meth, or parents?

We enjoyed an under the sea bash for Cecily.

And we ate a lot.

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