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Saturday, December 6, 2014

#dolife camping trip

October at our house is always extremely busy with three birthdays and Halloween! We spent the first weekend camping with our small group. We had an absolutely wonderful weekend! I was a little nervous just not knowing how it would go with all the kids (16 adults and 12 kids!). Three of the men have birthdays the 3, 4, and 5th so it was fun to celebrate them too! Luke and I have much different views on camping...he likes to hike in with the tent on your back type camping and I am more of an RV/cabin type camper. :) We roughed it out for two nights in a tent in really, really cold weather (like 30s). Once we got there, it was extremely relazing, and I couldnt help but look around and exclaim, 
"I cant believe we are doing this!"

We split up meals...we had a breakfast and a dinner.


Heman contest...

Yes, that log is on fire.

Preston was so proud of his fish!

Running up the hill to get the girls to show them.

Sam slept horrible the first night and wonderful the second.

We thought Pork chop hated camping...turns out he had hand, foot, and mouth :(

Fairy in the woods

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