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Thursday, December 4, 2014


August...the end of summer and the beginning of our life as elementary school parents. I was dreading this month all year because I knew all too soon the school would dictate our schedule. Kate absolutely loves school and my mind is blown daily at how much she is learning. 

In August we,
had a little boy turn 9 months old,
enjoyed loving on each other (with a side of wrestling here and there),

figured out our siblings are fun,

enjoyed the splash park with friends,

got super excited the night before kindergarten,

aced the first day,

except Mama who was on the verge of tears all day, (I did get to enjoy a yummy back to school breakfast with my sweet friend, Jacquelynn...I think she was afraid to leave me alone in case I was found peeking in Kate's classroom :)

hosted our first "National Night Out" block party,

celebrated Easton with a fiesta,

enjoyed walking Kate into school the first few days,

loved our family,

soaked up this face right before she lost her first tooth,

swam some more,

hung out with our small group,

tried to get a pic of our boys in their matching seersucker, (thanks, Preston, for adding that spiderman costume, thanks.)

celebrated my dear friend, Stefanie,

rocked out like old times,

and totally impressed our kids,

teapartied with Coco,

lost it again when Kate had to move down to the big kid end of the hallway at church,

pierced Bandit's ear,

watched one of my YL girls get married, (how is she old enough for this?!),

accompanied Meme to her IVF,

prayed lots for these two precious parents,

celebrated when Jake found ElPo,

grocery shopped with this cartfull, (had to get juice boxes for Easton, of course :),

quickly climbed the ranks to best babysitter ever, 

loved our new neighborhood!!

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