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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sam's 1st Birthday

First birthdays are probably my most favorite. They are so sweet and special and sentimental all wrapped into one party. I cannot believe our Pickle is one, just as everyone says. He is such a baby to me, and I plan to keep it that way as long as possible. He has 4 teeth, is crawling and pulling up and climbing on everything, and still wakes about 2-3 times a night to nurse. He eats just about everything we put in front of him except avocado, but sweet potatoes and pizza are his favorite. He can climb the stairs and usually gets halfway up and waits for me to notice. Then he laughs like crazy scootches to the top and then bumps down to the bottom on his belly.  He has absolutely no desire to walk. When he hears the garage go up at night, his whole body wiggles with excitement as he yells dadeedadadaeeeeeeeee! He is really the cutest one year old I've ever seen (besides Tootie and Booger, of course). We planned a Dr Seuss Circus Party to celebrate his first year of life. I announced I was pregnant with a Thing 1/Thing 2 shirt, and then we told our families he was a boy with Dr Seuss cake pops. It seemed fitting for Sam I Am. We had our families and small group over to celebrate his big day. It turned out perfectly weather wise, and I think everyone had a wonderful time.

Leading up to the house, I had these storybooks.

Party favors-play do for the big kids and one fish two fish gold fish for the babies.

His monthly pics on a circus train.

Granny T and Daddy Doc with Sam and Stella.


Ninabelle and Papa Q with Luke and Sam

We had everyone bring books for a Title One school rather than gifts.

Grammy came all the way from Florida to celebrate.

KK and Sam

He cried when everyone started singing, but quickly recovered to enjoy his cake.

Jake, KK, and PawPaw

Mr Bill loves Sam! On Sunday mornings, Sam usually prefers to hang out at the info desk with Mr Bill than to stay in class with his peers (spoilt!). When he was about 5 months old, Bill met me in class and told me Sam could drink out of a cup. I was quite surprised, and even more so when Bill told me Sam was gulping sweet tea! It became quite the joke, and Bill made an amazing sweet tea cake in honor of his little buddy for his bday! He also got the chair banner, hat, and extra decorations just for Sam!

Lizzie and Easton Samuel

Sam and Everly

Sam and Gabby

Bretty and Pres


Bretty and Meme

a new swing for our tree

Our Family

KK and Kate

Being a party animal is exhausting

I had the guests sign the poster about what Sam would do when he grows up.

Sam, you are our delight. You are the sweetest thing and smile ALL THE TIME. You love your Mama and Daddy, but love Kate and Preston even more. I am so glad God put you in our has become even better since you made your late appearance a year ago. We love you more than youll ever know!

A year of firsts, a year of fun
He has enjoyed the snow;
 he has enjoyed the sun!
Not many things he does not like
He even loves the basket on the bike!
His favorite time is the bath.
He also loves Thing 1 & 2's laugh!
Every night he says, "Sleeping is not for me!"
All foods he likes; he even loves sweet tea.
At the party for our favorite Sam I am,
  we will enjoy cake and green eggs and ham!

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