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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


July flew by! I think it was a combination of dreading the start of school, unpacking the remaining things, painting rooms, and then the normal everyday stuff! We enjoyed...
celebrating the 4th,
celebrating at a princess and (dark) knights bday party,

spending time on the square,

enjoying our baby,

having friends over and playing on the slip n slide,

loving VBS,

(our VBS set was so awesome this year...look at Moses mountain!)

and the Red Sea!

enjoying naps,

participating in a fashion show at an assisted living facility,

enjoying the pool,

keeping cool,

loving the farmer's market,

loving the bike stroller,

sharing yummy ribs,

going to taco night with Ddoc and Granny T every Thursday,

getting free chicken (I sent my poor child in with these sweet tweens I grabbed in the parking lot....the boys were asleep and who can pass up free chicken when you are already dressed like a cow!)

keeping cool with popsicles,

reading in our new rooms,


loving Jakey,

pulling weeds in our new backyard (can you spot my yard boy working hard?!)

watching baby birds looking for food,

enjoyed a long visit with Grammy and PopPop, 

registered for kindergarten,

met our teacher!(Ive known Mrs Nelson since middle school and was THRILLED when Kate got put in her class! Answered prayer!)

played at the park,

tried new foods,

conga lined on the square,

and just enjoyed being together!

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