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Monday, December 8, 2014

Preston's Birthday

I put P to work getting ready for his TMNT Birthday party!!
S and E might be guilty for the above handprints!

P and his birthday buddy #arrangedmarriage

He went to bed three...

and woke up half grown.

Boy parties are so much fun!

This was supposed to be outside, but we had a huge threat of rain, so indoors we were! This is a ninja turtle sewer obstacle course.

The started here...going down into the sewer and had to crawl through the black tunnel.
This was the end and they hopped out and popped the bubble wrap.

Then they went outside to make numchucks,
Next, they had a talk with Splinter about what a true ninja is like.

Next, they took a shot of slime...

and busted up a Mikey pinata.

Last, we made green slime for them to take home!

I am so thankful for Preston and the laughter he brings to our family. He plays hard (tackling is his love language), and he naps hard. He loves his sister so very much, and I love watching their friendship. He loves making S laugh which is pretty precious (they are both into slapstick comedy). He is very smart and remembers things that I dont. He loves being outside, and he doesnt mind playing alone for hours.He has a great imagination, and I love to hear his logic behind things. He loves to make big messes, but he is also the first one to help me clean. He loves to swiffer, clean windows, and do laundry (you're welcome, future daughter in law). He wakes up early with a smile on his face ready to tackle the day. He has a good grip on Jesus and how sin hurts his heart. He is so very precious and so very hilarious! Preston, I love you so very much and I am so proud to be your mama!

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