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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Winter Wonderland Shower

Ya know how I wanted to be more consistent this year? My blogging life has been anything but that! I am gonna highlight what's been going on the last 4 months! Go me! Mt mom and I threw a Holiday Shower for my sweet friend April in January. She is getting married in May, so I figured I better get this documented before the big day! We served all white desserts and she got some of the cutest Christmas decorations I have ever seen! I cant wait to see them all over her home this year!

IMG_7632 My mom, me, April (the bride), Mama June (MOB), Brenda (MOG), and Amanda (sister of the bride!)

Kate took some pics with her phone to put on facebook:IMG_7624

Kate made this star for April’s tree.IMG_7615 IMG_7607 IMG_7605 IMG_7596 IMG_7595 

The decorations and food!IMG_7579 IMG_7581IMG_7578 IMG_7576 IMG_7574 IMG_7569 IMG_7567 IMG_7565

I love the look of Winter, but hate the temperature.

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