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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The rest of January

I dont really remember what we did the rest of January, so I am very glad I take a lot of pictures! Preston and I played outside while Sister was at school. I love how he was playing so independently until he spotted me and then made a run for me!IMG_7892IMG_7904 

One night, the guys had a boys night out, so all the mamas and babies came over for pancakes. We had a fun time hanging out and eating! IMG_7886 IMG_7888IMG_7885

Preston is our early riser. I am lucky if he waits until 7 to show up beside my bed (that doesnt include his 2 and 4 am trips to make sure I am still sleeping). Kate is like her Mama and loves to sleep in. He just cant stand it and loves to wake her up. He has the sweetest little voice and in this pic I actually caught her waking up with a smile! If Daddy isnt here, she usually isnt smiling!IMG_7860

And here is one of her being cute.IMG_7850

Our small group loves to go to a restaurant called Su Casa after we meet on Sundays. We joke that our small group split into the Su Casa group and the Non-Su Casa group! Sadly, it is shutting down and reopening as a sports bar. We went for one last serving of salsa and tacos al carbon.IMG_7848 IMG_7843 IMG_7837

I talked Kate into sponge rollers one Saturday night: IMG_7717 IMG_7726IMG_7735

We enjoyed zoo trips with friends! IMG_7695

Preston sporting his big boy hair cut…tear from Mama!IMG_7694 IMG_7693 IMG_7691

And these last few were from before the cut! We swaddled Preston for easier handling:IMG_7681 This boy has got some hair!IMG_7674 Isnt he cute? Whenever they are playing quietly…IMG_7673 IMG_7672

Everytime I think of you, I get the biggest smile on my face and you still don't understand how much you mean to me.

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