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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

March Madness

The zoo has stingrays and they are awesome!! I am not sure that either one of my kids touched them, but I did and so Kate claims she did too! haha!IMG_8128 IMG_8134 IMG_8137 IMG_8140 IMG_8144
I love this picture of Priss Pot 1 and Priss Pot 2!IMG_8149
Kate came in the den one afternoon when I was napping being really productive and said she was the scarf lady. Yall, this third baby is kicking my tail! I usually try to lay down when the kids do to nap. and I have a really (as in, I dont get up) hard time getting up and getting supper on the table. I have felt nauseous on and off, nothing like the other two. It seemed with Kate I got sick when I ate, when Preston I got sick when I didnt eat, and this time I am just tired! I dont know that it “feels’ like when I was pregnant with either of the other two, so that gives me no hint as to boy or girl! Oh, except the heartburn that is only cured by ice cream (had that with Pres, too) :) You can see in this pic of the scarf lady that my house has also suffered! IMG_8160
We had a really fun shower for our friend, Emily. She is due in April. and we don’t know if it is a boy or girl. So exciting! Her nursery is teal, yellow, and gray. Adorable!IMG_8181 IMG_8185IMG_8182 
Mr. Peepers on the phone.IMG_8190
9 weeks, a prune, and Mama looking good.IMG_8192 
The kids and I went to Texas for spring break to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Kate is still talking about it, so I think it was a great trip! We visited their zoo on the zoo’s birthday!
IMG_8219 IMG_8202IMG_8233 IMG_8241 Jake loved the playground too!
IMG_8247 IMG_8256 IMG_8260 IMG_8265
I dont know many things that make me smile more than big ole teenage boys and my littles. They adore Jake and their Texas cousins! Here is Luke playing catch with Preston. So sweet!IMG_8267 IMG_8274
Here, just take my glove.IMG_8275
Blowing dandelions.IMG_8291 High Five!IMG_8306 I dont know how I didnt get any pictures of the other boys :( Hopefully my mom got some that I can steal! They kids LOVED playing with Matt, Luke, and Will!!!IMG_8307 They were such good helpers in the kitchen!IMG_8314 We got home in time for Brooks’ Southern Picnic 1st Birthday! So adorable!IMG_8324
I mustache you a question!IMG_8328
Luke and I had a couples shower and a wedding that weekend. So fun to have two nights alone with my hubby!IMG_8331
Laurette and Jack joined us for an afternoon at the zoo. Jack taught us a new verse to Ring around the Rosie! IMG_8353
These boys could be brothers!
IMG_8359 IMG_8371
Getting out some maternity clothes!
My sweet, early riser. I swear, this boy. He still wakes up at least once a night, sometimes 2-3. He comes to my bedside and asks for milk.
Preston: Milk, mama?
Me: Preston, you know we dont drink milk at night. Would you like some water?
Preston: I not yike water. White milk? Chocolate milk?
Me: Ok, let’s go get back in bed.
He then wakes up between 6:30-7, happy as can be! I am not so happy because I like undisturbed sleep, but how lucky am I to wake up to this sweet face every morning?IMG_8632

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