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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Girl is Four!

I know everyone says this, but I cannot believe I have a four year old. She is spunky, and sweet, and so headstrong I am on my toes at all times! She can be the most compassionate little person I have ever been around, and then turn around and is a completely different child! We never know what she is going to say, but it usually has us laughing and shaking our heads because she is so smart! She picks up on the smallest details about things, remembers traits about everyone, and never forgets ANYTHING! She loves to tell stories and make up songs, and she loves that littler brother of hers! She is still a Daddy’s Girl and gets a little sad every morning when he isn’t here! Bless her heart. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for her because I know it is going to be something BIG!!

We are yummy cupcakes for breakfast on the morning of her birthday!! IMG_8334 IMG_8335
That night, she got to pick where we ate dinner…El Porton. My kinda girl!IMG_8340 IMG_8343 IMG_8345
We had a Littler Mermaid party that weekend. We are usually blessed with beautiful weather on her birthdays. Not so much this year. COLD and rainy. All of the outside activities (or ac-ativities) as Kate says) I had planned had to be re-thought! I set up some tables, our bubble machine, and some crafts in the garage to give us a little more space!

The food is always my favorite part of party planning and prep! Here is the cake!IMG_8399
We had oysters and sand dollars.IMG_8400
Guppy Pops.IMG_8402
Peanut butter and jellyfishIMG_8403
For the big merpeople we had Chicken of the Sea salad and croissants, sea shell pasta salad, and seaweed (spinach-artichoke) dip! IMG_8406
For the favors, I made “poor unfortunate souls” soap. I wanted to do fish in the bags, but apparently, little plastic fish are really hard to find. Go figure. They turned out pretty cute, and I will say Luke was much better than me at placing the creatures!IMG_8408 IMG_8410 IMG_8412
These two are something else!IMG_8414 Because of the rain, our house was stuffed! IMG_8415 IMG_8416
Travis’ octodogs were perfectly placed on his plate! IMG_8418
The bubble machine was a huge hit!IMG_8419
Garage Games! We got to use our puppet show!IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8422
There were three crafts: Digging for treasure (shells and jewelry), making a paper plate fish, and making a paper plate jelly fish. IMG_8423 IMG_8424
They are so clever. Floatsom and Jetsome.  IMG_8428 And then someone got a hold of my camera in my bedroom…IMG_8429 IMG_8432 IMG_8435 IMG_8437 IMG_8438 IMG_8439 IMG_8489IMG_8441 IMG_8442  IMG_8447
We sang Happy Birthday and this progression of facial expressions cracks me up!IMG_8450IMG_8451 IMG_8452 IMG_8457 The pinata was made extra sturdy by Daddy and Papa Q after a malfunction right as the party was starting. It took Mama a few good licks to get it down!IMG_8462 IMG_8465 IMG_8488  IMG_8491 

Instead of gifts, we asked for people to help us celebrate by considering a donation to My Charity Water. We still got a few cute new mermaid things, but we were able to give kids like Kate clean drinking water! I cant imagine not being able to go to my tap and get as much water as I can drink in one day. And having plenty for a shower in the morning. And  bath at night. And all the hand washings in between! Please feel free to check out that charity!

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