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Sunday, April 14, 2013

February Fun

Our month started with some more waiting on Baby C # 3 (yes, that is funny now). Especially since we found out this exact night that Baby C #3 will be biological!!IMG_7931 IMG_7937
We love eating doughnuts Daddy got for us before church!IMG_7948 IMG_7950 IMG_7956
Luke and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a week early because I won free tickets to Mary Poppins! I met him after work for dinner at Blue Fin and we loved the show!
Kate helped me hand make all of her Valentine’s (and we used up poodle necklaces from her 2nd Bday Pawty :) IMG_7967 IMG_7970 IMG_7972
My cutie Valentine’s!!IMG_7977 
Daddy came home from work on Valentine’s with treats from Dinstuhl’s for everyone! Frog for PresIMG_7982
Chocolate covered gummy bears for KateIMG_7985
And chocolate covered strawberries for me!
IMG_7986 IMG_7988
He also brought home dinner, which was a gift in itself!IMG_7991
And he got (big surprise!) a Dairy Queen cake…he has gotten one every year that we’ve been married!IMG_7992
He loves to whisk things (like even things that shouldnt be whisked, aka pancake batter), so he got his very own whisk!IMG_7981
Again, our biggest news of February…5 weeks
IMG_7996 IMG_7997
We had an awesome time at Juju’s Carebear party!
IMG_7998 IMG_7999
Luke treated us to Clifford at the Orpheum…see that MS State got sent over the rail and fortunately, missed the patrons below.
Toot and Puddle
I tried to sneak Kate out front for some pics, and Preston noticed we were missing…IMG_8037 IMG_8039
Kate attemtping to get Pres to smile!
IMG_8040 IMG_8041
Jumping to prove he is a man even though his mom keeps putting him in onesies.IMG_8048
6 weeks!IMG_8057
February also means the most look forwarded to event in Kate’s life…The Daddy Daughter Dinner and Dance!
IMG_8062 IMG_8069 IMG_8074
And he is jumping again…IMG_8079
We were trying to tell KK and PawPaw our Big News, and they didnt really get it at first!
IMG_8089 IMG_8092
I made these cupcakes for Dr Suess Day at Kate’s school…note to self, cotton candy melts if left in the air for more than 30 minutes! My sweet husband had to meet me at my first prenatal appt with a fresh bag of cotton candy so I could fix them before taking them to Kate’s class!IMG_8095
Green eggs and ham
IMG_8100 IMG_8108
Preston was really enjoying reading, Go Dogs Go!, one of his faves, but I think the big boys needed him to move away from the finish line…haha!IMG_8112 IMG_8113
 IMG_8125 IMG_8163
I am due October 11, 2013 (one day before Pres turns 3!) We were not planning on growing our family this way, BUT we are so so so excited and cannot wait to meet Baby C # 3, no matter how we get to be his/her parents!
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Jensey said...

I feel like a total creeper, but I'm SO excited for a #3!!!!! I just love seeing photos of your sweet babies growing up, and I've been praying for your adoption journey this past year. <3

The Benjamins said...

Yay for baby #3! So excited for y'all! Love all the new pics!

Meaghan said...

Congrats, Amanda! (y'all are perpetuating that thought that if you adopt, you get pregnant! ha!) Hope it's an easy pregnancy!