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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Addendum to the below post

The only song Bandit will sing along to is "Happy Birthday." He won't sing to anything else, not even Happy Birthday in Spanish. Until this morning. At 5:41 am, I hear the Mississippi State fight song being played as loud as our little computer speakers will allow. And then I hear Bandit singing along with it!! From my cozy spot in bed, I can also hear Luke laughing hysterically, and then stating, "Now THAT is a proud parental moment!!" (Trace, I will make SURE he sings it for you next time we see you, knowing it's your FAVORITE song and all!!)


Trace's Space said...

Do you know that I used to like Bandit?! Now, I'm not so sure. Just let me babysit him one day and we'll see whose fight song he sings to the loudest.

I just got done watching the Ole Miss band playing Dixie in the Grove (love youtube)! Gave me the chills...

PS - you know that Bulldog outside at your moms house? It may just get painted blue and red this year :)


Andrew & Audra said...

Amanda, that is PRECIOUS! You need to record on video Bandit "singing" the state song. I love Luke's comment. lol!

Jason White Family said...

Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty!