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Monday, August 6, 2007

True Love

Some girls like for their husbands to send flowers to show their love,
Some like a release of a hundred white doves.
Others prefer dinner and a night on the town.

And others like to dance and be spun all around.

No, not me, when I want to know,

I look out the window and there is a glow.

Luke is slaying my biggest enemy,

The one with the warning: Leaves of Three; Let it Be.

I have been struck with the worst case of poison Ivy I have experienced to date. I occasionally have been pestered by this annoying interference, but this time it is bad! It is on every extremity, my eyelids, my neck, and several unmentionables. I think Bandit brought it in on his fur, and then I touched him, and then I took a bath, and it spread life a wildfire in Orlando. I have been so miserable, I let Luke srub my arms tonight with a dish scrubby pad and then srub it with this medicine called TecNu while running it under scalding hot water. I was relieved to find I had followed all the steps recommended, but it does not help the miserable itching! The only positive is that I am in Nursing Orientation this week so I am sitting in a classroom, because could you imagine an oozing nurse bringing you your baby. I look like the guy from Scary Movie. My Germs!

On a side note, the first time I can remember having poison ivy, I was at Kamp Kiwani (girl scout camp). I had teeteed in the woods, and picked the wrong spot to squat. Lauren Parsons was recruited to put calamine lotion on my tush, and as I lay on the bed of our cabin nekkid, our counselor walked in. I bet she thought we were freaks...I decided if she would do that then she would be a good freshman roommate in college, and that didnt even run her off because she was a bridesmaid! Good thing she didnt hold any of that against me!

1 comment:

Trey and Heather said...

Trey had posion ivy for 2 weeks. it was awful. he slept in long pants and a t-shirt. and took oatmeal baths. he was pathetic.
sorry to hear about your boo-boos. what a good hubby you have taking care of his sweet bride!