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Monday, August 6, 2007

A Weekend of Friends

I know I am way behind, but the weekend of July 20-21, I got my friend fix that I had been needing. Minus the wedding festivities of Brad & Sara and Darrow & Sissy, I had not seen any of my friends since December 9. I had met some really neat people in Tyler, but there is something about an old friend that knows everything about you that cannot be imitated.

When I was in high school, I was on the pom squad my freshman and sophomore year. Only two people from my squad tried out the next year, but we all wanted to stay friends and our moms liked to hang out too. So The Supper Club was born one February night at Benihana's, and we still meet monthly 8 years later. Every summer, we all go to Oxford for a slumber party at my friend, Whitney's, house. (Her grandparents and family are huge Ole Miss fans, bless their hearts, and the grandparents built a huge house for the grandkids to live in while they were in college, and for the whole family to stay in when the Rebels are losing...oh, I mean playing.) This year, our group consisted of the following:
Whitney, Courtney, Laura, and MeMrs. Queena (Tracy's mom),Mrs. N (Laura's mom), Mrs. Hathaway(Dori's mom), Mrs Cyndi (Whits mom), and Kath.

We had a wonderful time, as we always do when we get together, and even got the Mom's to go to a bar to see a girl we know sing! It was hysterical seeing our mom's in their capris in a bar. And I will admit I was feeling my age when several of my YoungLife girls ran up to me. I felt ancient! We usually sing karoake when we get back to the Cole's, but this year my wonderful friends humored me and watched my wedding video. I don't think they minded too much, though, because they were all over it! (hope not anyway!)

Move on to Saturday, and I traveled to God's country, Starkville, MS. My college friends were meeting for a reunion at Tricia's adorable apt! I got there in time for lunch at The Deli, and had my usual Beef and Peppers! We went to Dandy Doodlez and each painted some pottery. I amde a Christmas ornament! We drove around that afternoon, made them watch my wedding video, and then hung out that night at Tricia's (after eating cheese sticks from The Grille, of course). Tricia and I ended up staying up till 3 talking! Two nights in a row...just like college all over again. I had so much fun catching up on everyone's lives, and absolutely did not want the weekend to end! I cant wait for football season so I can see everyone more frequently. Once every 7 months just doenst quench my thirst!

I love yall!


Trace's Space said...

I know why I love Ms. Cyndi so much - HOTTY TODDY!

I love painting pottery. I think me, you, Mimi, your mom and Nana should go.

Do you remember years ago, your first date with Luke was right after the big slumber party. Sweet!

How do I remember such random stuff?

Trey and Heather said...

how much fun.
can we do it again next weekend?

Anna said...

This is such a great post. I miss college. Good to know y'all got caught up :) Love you!