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Monday, August 6, 2007

Our Moving Adventure

We've moved!! Sorry for the blogging absence; I am sure yall have missed my life. Our move back to Collierville was an adventure in itself. I went and picked up a U-haul to attach to the back of Luke's new car on a Thursday. That night, Luke and I loaded all of our "big" furniture into the front of the U-haul. The "big" furniture included our china cabinet (which had previously resided in our bedroom), a dresser, an oversized chair, and a big screen tv. By the time we were pulling the tv from the second story, a guy that lives underneath us came out to help. As he was offering, I heard these words coming out of my otherwise-precious husband's mouth, "Oh, no. We got it!" I immediately replied, "Of course we would love some help. He thinks I am a boy!" Needless to say, I let our nice neighbor come to my rescue much to the amusement of my husband. The next day, I spent from 9-5 loading the rest of our apt into the back of the U-haul. It was full from top to bottom. When Luke got home from work, we were going to load his work truck and 4-wheeler trailer with our washer and dryer, and then all of the rubbermaids with my winter clothes. As we hitched up the trailer, the bottom fell out of the sky! We had to make a quick decision to load up the Vue (aka the TicTac, the space shuttle, Sally), and head out.

Bandit usually is a baby and refuses to step a paw out in the rain, but somehow he escaped out of our apartment door and sprinted to my car. We found him perched in the front seat ready to leave. We still had a few things to load, and then we both had to shower, but Bandit refused to get out of the car. He was so afraid we were going to leave him, he found his seat early, and didn't even bark when we went back inside!
We finally left Tyler about 6:30, and things were fine (minus the twister that was blowing in) until we hit the interstate and started to pick up speed. As soon as Luke hit 65 mph in the Red Rover + Uhaul, the stupid thing started swerving from one lane to the other. And when I say swerve, I am not talking about a little movement, I was behind him and thought it was going to throw him off the road, or into the 18-wheelers headed our way. We had to once again regroup and make the decision to not go home via interstate. This meant that we would be driving from Texas, to southern Arkansas, to northern Louisiana, to Mississippi, and then north to Memphis. This meant that our usual 6.5 hour drive was going to take 11+ hours. This meant I would not get into bed until 4:30 am. But, this also meant we were home!


Trace's Space said...

You're too cute!

And Bandit - I love that dog. He is funny!

Glad you're catching us up. I've missed your blog.


Josh & Jessica said...

I'm glad to know you made it safely (of course I already knew that due to Josh talking to Luke)...Bear is the same as Bandit when it comes to being left behind. He will jump in the car in a heart beat when he seed us packing the car.

Anonymous said...

you know the side of those u-haul trailers says you aren't to drive over 45 mph! and depending on the vehicle towing those things, you shouldn't go over that speed. of course u-haul also says that to cover their rear if something happens. the last time we pulled one behind my yukon on 55, we were moving along fine at 75mph. however, i know someone whose grandparents were killed when the u-haul trailer caused them to loose control of the car! needless to say, we will only go with the truck from now on!

TRACY said...


Trey and Heather said...

YAY! you have been missed!!!!!!

Andrew & Audra said...

I check your blog 3-4 times a week to see if you've updated! Glad you're back!

Your stalker friend :)

Anna said...

I have sooo missed your blog. Glad you are back in action. And so glad you are back in a 2-hour driving distance of MSU football games.