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Monday, August 6, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Here are a few pics of our new abode. Here Luke throwing me out the front door because I hadn't cooked supper. Haha...It was really us trying to set up the self timer so we could get him carrying me over the threshold.

One more time.

Here is the view from our front porch looking in:

Dinig room: please dont mind the aquarium on the floor and the mismatched chairs...the chairs are going back to the attic!)

(and I realize I wrote dad had to draw houseplans in college for an architecture class, and on his final project he accidentally misspelled DINING and wrote DINIG. So now if you are ever at my house and someone says eat in the Dinig room, we are not being disrespectful, we are making fun of my dad. My dad also boxed in college, but that is a whole 'nother blog.)

Kitchen: (and my cute husband making fried rice)The man room: (This room was Lecile's bedroom. He is the famous rodeo clown. Seriously.) The I Love Lucy Pink bathroom. Luke loves it. Yea it's sidewise. Yea I am tired:

And the back yard: Our room...and we finally got a bedroom furniture yet, but we have a BED!!:

Right now the walls are MSU Maroon. I think we are going to pain them the blue of that throw on the end of the bed...

Note: The guest room was not ready the day of the photoshoot...I'll have pics soon!

We are getting settled in and loving having space to move around...and I love the hardwood floors because I can tapdance nightly! We have also already had two overnight houseguests. Jake spent last Thursday with us and ate ice cream all night. Luke's mom, Ms. Amy, came last weekend. We had a wonderful time! Friday night, Gone with the Wind was showing at The Orpheum-So fun! It was actually Blake's idea...he was taking his girlfriend because it is her favorite movie, and then Meg and I heard about it and jumped on the bandwagon. Blake would've never known I was there, except that they sat two rows in front on us! I know Natalie loves us! haha! Then Saturday, we shopped on the Square in Collierville, ate at the Silver Caboose (yummy), and then I cooked for everyone that night. Sunday we went to church (Luke and I love where we have been visiting), and then to my grandparents for a fish fry. Very fun weekend with our families.

We would love to have some more house guests. Please come visit!


Katie said...

The house looks great!! Glad you are all settled.

Trace's Space said...

The house looks wonderful!

*Note to self - there is a LARGE ditch by the driveway - do not drive there. Thank you.

Trey and Heather said...

looks fabulous, darling. and i like the miss-matched chairs!!

I am on my way!!!!


i wish.


Anna said...

I love your bed! Those initialed shams are so fancy-schmancy!