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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

If I say The End of Summer

will that make fall hurry up and make an appearance?!

Taking pictures of me taking pictures of them!


Getting ready for the baby! We had a drop side crib for Thing 1 7 Thing 2, and we couldn’t get the rail to stay up and locked in. We decided it was time to buy a new crib and I LOVE it!


We have enjoyed our last few days at the lake for the year. We all love the lake a lot!WP_20130824_003 WP_20130824_009 WP_20130824_014 WP_20130824_016

Preston has the life. Popcorn, stroller, pretty girl to push him around.IMG_9394 IMG_9396

I found a way to get him to sit still…face paint.

IMG_9398 IMG_9400 

Football season has started! We have gotten to watch Jake play a couple of times, and the kids are so good! Preston is his biggest cheerleader yelling, “TACKLE!” at Jake the whole time. Last week he said he was going to tackle when he played…then he thought about it and said, “But what if they are smaller than me?” This boys loves physical contact.

 WP_20130826_004 WP_20130826_006 WP_20130826_007 WP_20130826_009

Preston is the only one who will hug Jake after the games!WP_20130826_010 I took Kate for her 4 year check up…just a little late!


We had a huge blessing come our way in the form of this precious child. I have been praying for my friends for years for them to be blessed with a bundle of joy…these prayers turned into reality two weeks ago when a precious baby girl was born and a birth mom chose them to be parents. Lucky for me, they got to stay here for a while to get all the paperwork done, so I got to love on this sweet thing a couple of times before they headed home. She is the sweetest thing ever!IMG_9409 WP_20130903_004

we celebrated college football kickoff with some yummy cupcakes!WP_20130829_002

Kate and I were taking some pictures during naptime one day and turned around and saw these cute faces looking for us:

IMG_9443 Blake and Chelsea came in town for Labor Day and we went out on the boat on Saturday.

 WP_20130831_006WP_20130831_008  WP_20130831_012 WP_20130831_011WP_20130831_015

Kate talked four different people into tubing with her!

Victim One:ChelseaWP_20130831_021 Two:KK


Three:BlakeWP_20130831_059 Four:Luke


On Sunday, we were planning on laying in KK’s pool until our cookout at the Parsons, but the rain gave us all a chance to nap!


Kate helped Chelsea make some delicious mac-n-cheese!IMG_9465 IMG_9482 IMG_9484

We had our last Summer Fun Day with our play group at church. IMG_9490

They were holding hand :)IMG_9497

Our little ballerina started back to dance class! Our teacher from last year got pregnant (Yay, Mrs. Kim!!), so we had to find somewhere new to take classes! We are super excited and Kate has been practicing since last week.  WP_20130905_004

Whew! I really have not been anymore consistent with blogging this year than last year, but I think I am caught up now to Preston’s birthday party!!

Summer afternoon, summer afternoon: to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Henry James

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