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Waiting on Baby C #3

Buy Coffee for Baby C #3

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Our sweet Daddy surprised us with a new camera…so we had to try out the self timer!IMG_9025 You know what is better than finding free cookies in the free cookie tray at Walmart? Finding TWINKIES!!!


I found both of my kids sleeping in the same exact position I sleep in!WP_20130802_001  WP_20130802_003

Sass like her Daddy.

WP_20130810_001IMG_9028 We went to the Redbirds game on a Chicks throwback night! So fun to see both mascots!

WP_20130802_004 WP_20130802_005 LittleMama!

WP_20130803_003 WP_20130804_002

I have two water babies!WP_20130804_004 WP_20130804_008

This happens so rarely…isnt he a baby?!


This whole series of pictures makes me laugh…getting ready to run through the rain to get to the playhouse! IMG_9053 IMG_9054 IMG_9055 IMG_9056 IMG_9057 IMG_9058

Not so sure he wanted his teeth cleaned.

WP_20130806_004 IMG_9092 IMG_9098 IMG_9105  IMG_9174 IMG_9178 IMG_9183 IMG_9186 IMG_9193 IMG_9220 IMG_9240 WP_20130814_008

Our favorite nighttime activity is backyard races! WP_20130814_011 WP_20130814_012

This is how I race!


Followed by swinging…


And Sonic milkshakes!

WP_20130814_022 IMG_9243 

Catching cricketsWP_20130816_005 and sleeping good!


We have to eat a lot of ice cream to help my pregnancy heart burn :)IMG_9244

IMG_9249 IMG_9252

When I’m no longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg. –Snoop Dogg

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