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Waiting on Baby C #3

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Baby C #3

As everyone says, each pregnancy goes by faster and faster. I cant believe I am 2 weeks (or less) away from meeting our third child! I have my last two drs visits scheduled, the house is as clean as it is going to be, and his sweet clothes are packed and ready for the hospital. I got some pacifiers yesterday and I think that was the last thing I needed before we go! I have been having contractions on and off for the last two weeks (which I did not do with the other two), but as of yesterday I am one lame centimeter. I would love for him to be born this Saturday (tomorrow!) because it would put one week between his and Luke’s birthday and then one week between Luke and Preston’s birthdays. We all know that means he will not be born this Saturday, but we can hope! I decided I should probably get this post up and going since he will be covering the blog after he gets here!
This was the day I found out I was pregnant. Ironically, I had taken this pic of Preston for our adopted baby’s scrapbook. Ha. Ha.IMG_7931February-Five weeks-AppleseedV__B3BE
February 14-6 weeks-Size of a pea IMG_7996
Week 7-Blueberry
IMG_8056 IMG_8057
March 8-9 weeksIMG_8163 IMG_8172 Size of a prune-10 weeks
March 16-10 weeksIMG_8331 Easter-March 31-12 weeksIMG_8721 Mama turns 30! April 6-13 weeksIMG_8804 Week 14-Lime

May 4-KY Derby-17 weeks-Onion
Mother’s Day-May 12-18 weeks
May 15-18.5 weeks-We found out you are a boy!!WP_20130515_030
May 18-April’s Wedding-19 weeks
19 weeks-Mango
20 weeks at the beach-banana
\WP_20130529_010 WP_20130529_011
June 7-Waiting on Baby Ellis, your BFF-21 weeksWP_20130607_007
June 8-Nashville for Laura’s wedding-22 weeksWP_20130608_002WP_20130427_002 Week 23-Grapefruit
Pregnant Mamas-June 20-23 weeksWP_20130620_007 
WEEK 26-Artichoke-photo courtesy of Kate (that is why there is an awkward squat going on)
July 24-Gabby is almost here-28 weeksWP_20130724_016
July 28-Shower for Lila Cate and Elliette-29 weeks WP_20130728_019 
Week 30-My DinnerIMG_9124 IMG_9138 IMG_9144
Week 32-Cabbage
September1-34 weeks
Week 34-Butternut Squash
September 7-Preston’s Birthday Party-35 weeksIMG_9566
36 weeks-Maternity pics courtesy of LukeFamilyEdit IMG_0088 IMG_0109  IMG_0115
Week 37-Honeydew


Meaghan said...

Yea for #3! Love all the produce pics!!! Hope everything goes perfectly with his birth!

Tricia said...

My favorite is the bag of cabbage. Love all the weeks!