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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Visiting PopPop and Grammy

After the holidays winded down, we left January 3 to visit PopPop and Grammy (Luke’s mom and her hubby) for 5 days. We havent been down there since they got married almost 3 years ago, and we enjoyed a long overdue visit. They only live about an hour away from Disney World, and we were able to visit twice while we were there…spoiled I know! The first day, we went to Animal Kingdom. I was the only one who had been there before, and I think everyone enjoyed it immensely. When we were there at Thanksgiving, we werent able to see alot of the characters. We fixed that this visit! Before we had even gotten into the park, we ran into Pluto!IMG_1461 IMG_1468 

Walking through the zoo:IMG_1480

Two monkeys:


We finally got to hug Minnie!


Preston just watched from the comfort of his sling:IMG_1560

But he got down to meet the big guy:


Grammy loved the dinosaur ride:


And we ran into Pluto and Goofy right before we left:IMG_1632

All 5 of us in front of the Tree of Life (yes, it was late!)


Riding the tram back to our car:IMG_1641 

The second time we went, we went to Magic Kingdom, everyone’s favorite!IMG_1645

Our family of four:


We were so excited to see that the line to visit the princesses was only 15 minutes. I think this is one of the best kept secrets. On Main Street USA there is a little theatre where you can stand in line to see them. We waited about 10 minutes. The line for Rapunzel by herself was over an hour! Crazy stuff!IMG_1658

Preston was hilarious with the princesses. He absolutely loved them and couldnt quit smiling and hugging them. Funny boy!IMG_1660 IMG_1661



See what I mean?IMG_1684

The whole gang waiting on a parade!


Oh, you know, just eating a snack in front of Cinderella’s Castle!


Kate waved at every float! IMG_1750

By the time we made it to the night parade, Pres was done! He got in the sling on Luke, and pulled his blanket up and over his head. I think we wore him out!IMG_1770

We had a wonderful time hanging out and visiting the other days. Luke and I were even able to sneak off and see a movie together! Wonderful! I think now that we know we can fly with two littles, we are looking forward to going back to visit…sooner than three years later!


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Our little ark said...

Is that George Bush sitting behind them on the ride? haha