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Friday, February 17, 2012

Beauty School Dropout

Both of my sweet children have needed haircuts for some time. I just had to psych myself up for it, and now that it is done, they dont look like woodlands children anymore! I cut Kate's hair the night before the Daddy Daughter Dance at church.
Here is her crazy hair before.
And after. I definitely did way better than when I cute Megan's hair before the 1st day of school her sophomore year!
And this was all I was crazy how this little made it so much shorter!

This was the day I decided Preston's hair was way too mullety. Loved it, but it was a serious mullet. I let my friend who is a real hair dresser do his...I knew you could see mistakes way easier in a little boy 'do!
After, still shaggy, but not mullety...and precious too!

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Meghan said...

Hi im Meghan
You look so cute in those pictures!Hey want to here a joke what do you get by mixing a poodle and a pork? Podoodle! How old are you and which province do you live in?