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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin down the bunny trail!
We had lots of fun Easter activities this year. We went to the Egg Hunt on the Square, which was pure chaos. Imagine hundreds of Moms hyped up on Starbucks vying for hundreds of plastic eggs full of silly bands and whatnot while their kids looked on in delight. Haha!
They asked the moms not to participate in the older kids can guees how long they stood on the sidelines!
Kate was so good with the EB! I told her she had to help with Preston, and she just ran up there and sat down beside him!

We also had an Easter Eggstravaganza at our wonderful church. Reed and Preston love each other!
Preston and his new bracelet.
Kate picking out a frame from Mrs. Becca. We are so blessed to have friends give up their Saturday mornings to love on our kids.
Kate loved the EB again! Score!
Preston is thinking, "Does no one else find this a little strange!?"
We left church and went to KKs to dye some eggs. Daddy and the uncles (Blake, Brett, and Brent) went to the Grizzlies game downtown!
Who do you think deserves this kind of sass?
Uncle Jake, of course!
On Easter Eve, I had a special night planned for Kate. She got to paint her nails for the first time!! One of my friends learned in a class in college about the lack of milestone-type rituals in the American culture and how important it is. We are trying to purposefully build these into our kids lives. What better way than some painted finger nails! haha!
Of course we did her piggies too!
She got a little confused about putting out the EB carrots on his plate...they all ended up tangled in the Easter grass in her basket.
Kate's goodies
Preston's goodies
Daddy's goodies
Poor Bandit!
Even Bitty Baby helped with the hidden eggs!
Getting ready to see what the EB brought!
Hunting for eggs
Just thrilled about this chick

Yummy Breakfast

We were all ready to leave our house by 9:30! That is a full hour before church starts which would leave us plenty of time to stop by the square for some beautiful pictures. I had been planning our outfits since Christmas, and knew exactly what I wanted and where.

And then Preston pooped on his outfit.
And then my dressed ripped.
And then Kate got chocolate egg from one of the 13 she at that morning on her dress.
And then we barely made it at 10:37.
And I couldn't help but laugh at it all.
Duck face
Beautiful centerpieces
My dad and his parents laughing at these dolls from Kate's Easter basket. They get in pitch with each other and sing together. So funny!
Good nap
When my mom was in the hospital to have me, my dad gave her an Easter lilly. He gets her one every year because the smell reminds her of giving birth to her favorite child. I have planted lots of them in their front flower bed.
This wasnt the best picture of everyone, but I love how everyone is looking at the centers of attention.
Our family with Nannie and Pawpaw
Our family with Daddy Doc and Granny T
I hate that Nana and Grandaddy Ned left before we got their picture! We had a wonderful celebration of Jesus saving us!

Later that afternoon, Grammy happened to have a layover in our airport. We were able to go visit for a while before she flew home from visiting Katie and Audrie in Jackson. I didnt get any pictures unfortunately!

What can wash away my sins?
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

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Anna Little Morris said...

OH MY GOODNESS! The pic of the kiddos sitting in the floor with their Easter Bunny ear headbands on is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!