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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Erika’s 30th Birthday!

The first weekend of May, I got to help with a party for a very lovely lady. She is known to the blogger world as the Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic, but in my world she is none as a sweet, fun, fabulous friend!! The Knight is her hubby, and he was planning a throw down to celebrate Erika surviving her 30s. He enlisted the help of me and another party planner type, and we got to work on decorations. That is all we can take credit for; The Knight did the invites, catering, beverages, and keeping it a surprise. We have found the best men around :)  I will say, though, that planning decorations for a Party Fashionista is a little intimidating...but I think we made her happy!!
This is The Knight’s Mama. Yep, he even got family in town to help celebrate! She is one fun lady! We weren’t exactly sure what time the AFS was going to pull up in the driveway, so the setup crew was waiting in the front yard for her arrival.
Here is the Cutest Boy in the World and Aidan, my party planning friend. I kinda miss her daily emails re:Erika’s 30th because she is a freakin riot. And doesnt even know it. Oh yea, and she’s pretty cute too. We also worked together on the AFS baby shower last May.
Waiting on any sign of her vehicle. I was getting nervous!
My cute lil man, ready to partay!
Also ready to partay:
More excited guests starting arriving!
We werent sure of her whereabouts because the Knight had told her their babysitter had canceled, their reservation had been moved, and Aidan was going to come and take care of the baby. Erika was not happy.
In typical, take control, lawyer fashion, Erika decided to take matters into her own hands and come home to get Coco ready for bed before the went to dinner.
The Knight sent her to get Aidan a “treat” for being such a good friend, and to buy us a little more time.
We sent the boys back to the back to finish up with the decorations.
There’s her car!
And the Birthday Girl!!!
We were going for an aqua, yellow, and orange theme. I am not very good at staying on task, so there were some other colors thrown in as well.
Here is the bar area. Wine, beer, and bellinis! The bellinis were so very yummy! The reipe called for elderflower liqueor (WT?), and when I inquired about it at the gettin’ place, the guy told me it would be like a spring bouquet exploded in your mouth! Loved that description!!
The Knight got Muddy’s cupcakes..the absolute best! Aidan made this toppers and had pictures from Erika’s birth, 1st birthday, wedding day, and awkward teenage phase. They were adorable and everyone loved looking at them!
Food tables.
For our “guest book,” we had everyone leave advice for Erika’s next 30 years (thank you, Tim McGraw!)
My stud muffin 
Aidan and her treat from Erika…haha!
Hostesses and Birthday Girl
Our Boys
The Knight even had a surprise at the end of the night!
Her Mama showed up!! I was sitting with two other new mamas of baby girls and we all teared up at the thought of our babies being so excited to see us in 30 year. Erika’s Mama is the loveliest!
IMG_5782 IMG_5783
Us old ladies partied till after midnight! Megan was watching Kate and I knew it must be late when the partyqueen herself called to make sure we were ok! haha!
Time and Tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.Robert Frost

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Artsy Fartsy said...

Love this! Thank you for a wonderful and never-can-forget party! You are the bestest!