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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April Showers

My two boys in their blues
We have survived what has been the worst run of tornadoes ever. I just read an article that said there were over 600 tornadoes in the South in the month of April. The previous record was less than 250. Unbelievable. Thankfully, this just means more time at home for us. My heart goes out to those that lost theirs.
Kate borrowing Dad's shorts
We celebrated my birthday and my grandfather's at the begining of the month. I only missed his bday by one day!
When it isnt raining, we have loved being outside. I think I will see this look in their teens...Kate looking mischevious and Preston grinning.

My boy turned 6 months old! He is just absolute joy. He has given me one night of sleep, but he usually wakes up about every 3 hours to eat. He loves every food he has tried, but I think bananas and sweet potatoes are his favorites (just like his sister!) He absolutely loves bath time, and will splash around in there until I force him out. He practically jumps from my arms to get down there! Speaking of jumping, he has figured out how to squirm off the changing table. In fact, he never stops moving!!
Cant get enough of that!

We were able to watch my two cousins, Jake and Cole, get confirmed at their church. It is always so interesting to me to attend other churches with different traditions. I loved their church! It was so sweet and was full of sweet people. Also, the bishop was in thats a big deal too!
loves that Daddy!
dont worry, Luke was standing right there!

I love this picture because everything looks calm, like I really Got It Together.
And then I zoom out! My friend, Audra, took a pic of what her house looks like with small littles running around, and I thought I would appreciate this one day. It seems that as soon as one room is clean, the tornadoes are not far behind. These two keep me busy busy, and I love every minute!
We also got to meet Jaxton, Meg's friend Amanda's little boy. Kate was her flower girl last April, and this precious was born in Hawaii. I was so proud of Amanda for flying all the way home, by herself, with a three month old. You go girl!
Luke's exams have started, and you can always tell when Kate misses him :(
On the days that I work, Kate gets to nap in our bed with me (this used to mean I got a longer nap, but since Preston has come along, I havent quite gotten their schedules together.) Anyway, one day I was drifting off and heard paper rustling from the other side of the bed. She had helped herself to the chocolates on the pillow, I guess!
Rare snuggle time with Mommy!
Easter goodies!
Tricia, here is my Cheese of the Month-Gouda Edition. Luke surprised me with wine and cheese one night, and I enjoyed every single bite!!Ok, so I am just 2 months behind. I cant wait to share my brie from this month, and then I will just have to work with some goat cheese. Yum in my future!

More 6 month shots of Booger:

I thought this one was funny, b/c his legs are always moving.

Kate is saying so many words now. Bubbles is one of her favorites followed closely by No Ma'am, I walk, Sit, and Hush! Bossy?

Here is my awesome herb garden Luke got me the supplies for for my birthday. It is flourishing with the help of my compost that finally composted!
Remember this guy? Still sweet, still cute, still shedding!
Cause and effect.
This is the truth!
Poor Bandit thought he had found a good hiding spot!
Mom, why am I in this bucket?
Old Man!
And here is my assistant trying to get a good smile.
She always can get one outta him!

I know these posts dont have much writing, but my kids are cuter than my writing is good. We have been so busy, and I have so much to catch up on! I am just trying to soak up every minute with these two. They are a blessing everyday; even when my house is a mess (see above), or Kate has an attitude (see above), or Preston still isnt sleeping through the night (see above). At the end of the day, I can sit back and smile and cant wait to do it all again tomorrow.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

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