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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boy, Girl, Twins, or Triplets

Boy: I helped with a surprise shower for my sweet friend, Erin, who is having Cole in July! We have been friends since our mamas were pregnant together, got baptized a week apart, got married a week apart, and now are having babies together! She and her husband are moving from Chicago to Louisville. I am so glad they are going to be closer!
Mama and Kate
Me and the Mama to be
Adrienne, Aunt Kelsey, and Erin (does she even have a belly?!)
There it is!!
Girl: Our friends, the Middlekaufs, welcomed Baby Natalie on May 29. Kate and I went to visit, and they hit it off immediately! It is amazing how much Kate has grown since her birthday, and how tiny they start out.
Baby swap!
Natalie's first Sunday at church:
Twins: Kate's other BFF, Mary Magers, came over for dinner last week with her parents, Darrow and Sissy. They just so happened to have the same dress, and Kate insisted on changing clothes to match her friend. Any girl that was once a little girl probably remembers the novelty of dressing alike. I still see tweens matching and it makes me smile!
Kate loved MM at first!Then she realized there was another cute chick in town with bows as big as hers.
Friends again!
Triplets: My mom and I had Margarita Monday with Jennifer, her girls, Aunt Julie, Aunt Kelly, Lauren, and Sara, and once again, Kate matched! Maggie and Evie were so sweet to their newest cousin. They were so good, and then I got to play with them outside. They are just developing little personalities and are precious!
Giving sugarWho is this imposter? There should only be two of us!
Fudge, fudge, call the judge! Look at all these babies! Wrap it up in toilet paper, Send it down the elevator! Boy, girl, twins, or triplets?!


LWolfe said...

I just love that little booger's bows! She is getting so big...I have to see her soon!

Audra said...

Ha! When I first saw the title of this post, I thought, "Is Amanda pregnant again?!"

Shelly said...

Kate is precious! I love her big blue eyes!

love from texas said...

She is too precious! I'm so jealous i can't plop cute bows on knox's head!! (well i guess i could, but his daddy might not like it very much!)

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