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Monday, June 8, 2009


Everybody! When Jake was little, probably three or four, we were heading to the beach, and as soon as we crossed over the AL line, he held his nose, and very nasally said, "ALABAMA EVERYBODY!" Now, everytime we cross that state line, everyone in the family imitates that precious little boy. Where did he get that? I guess the same place he decided to get on one of our shoulders and yell, "Get off my yand (land)!" as if he were a giant. Anyway, we scooted on down to Winfield, AL and had a really good visit with Sherrie's family. There was plenty of good food to go around, including fried okra (my favorite), and pork chop casserole! I need to get some more pictures from Ashley. I was too busy eating to take anymore! Sherrie, Hayden, and Kate Hayden and Kate rockin the vans (that Hayden got her!) Patsy, her earrings, Tommy, and Kate Oops! I just realized it made it sound like Jake thought AL was stinky. I think he just did it to make his voice sound funny! haha!
"Alabama Everybody!" -Jake Bousson

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The Cosby's said...

That is too funny about Jake. Hopefully you and Luke don't think that about I will send you my pics through Snapfish. So glad you three got to come for a visit. It was a great time! Hope to see you all again real soon!!!