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Monday, March 5, 2007

Calling all Cooks!

My Aunt Tracy (Dain) has a very close friend whose son has brain cancer. Brandon has been battling this awful disease for almost two years. His mom is collecting recipes to be put in a cookbook. Here was her email: Dear Friend, I am putting a cookbook together through Morris Press Cookbooks, 100% of profits made from the cookbook will go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program. The cover is not finished, but I am putting Brandon on the front cover in his Chief outfit. Can you get me the recipes by the end of March or as soon as possible. If you want I can mail you a form or if you live local I can give you some.Email me your entire recipe with directions and I can type it in myself. ( Please make sure you write your name how you would like it to appear by your recipe, if you want to add a recipe note that is non-recipe content pertaining to the recipe, it should not exceed 4 lines. Recipe notes are printed after the directions paragraph and separated by one return. I included the web address if you are interested or need ideas. This is a great site! Example: nutritional information, suggested uses, recipe history, or in honor or in memory of someone with cancer, or a bible verse. You can send me as many recipes as you want. If I receive several of the same thing, I will write the recipe one time and add all the names so everyone will be shown who contributed. I just copied the instructions from the page on what I am doing, some of the info is what I just wrote. Thank you so much! Susan Ling I just wanted to give everyone an oppurtunity to help out. Please submit a recipe or two! Also, keep Brandon and his family in your prayers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you know you're the best niece EVER?! (if Meghan is reading this - she's the best niece ever, too!) Thanks so much for putting this in your blog and also for sending Susan recipes.

She called the other night to tell me you had sent them and I asked her if they all included cream cheese?! :)

You are wonderful, Amanda and I love you!