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Monday, March 5, 2007


A month from today I will be 24. I remember when I thought 24 was so old, and I would definitely be married with two kids by now. Thank goodness only one of those is true!! A week from today my Mom, Dad, and brother Jake will be headed to Mexico via cruiseship. When I explained to my nine year old brother that when I was in third grade, my spring break plans consisted of Chuccalissa Indian Village, a scavenger hunt around Memphis, and a Happy Meal, and he is going to freakin Mexico, he explained, "Sissy, it is a different time, and I NEEDED to go to Mexico. Mom and I need to take a load off." Ridiculous. My sister left for Cancun today. The land of half naked debauchery. I wish I was back on my Senior Trip on the Sensation. Tear. This will be the first time in 18 years that I have not gotten a Spring Break.I realize I am not working now, but it is not the same when you can't look forward to the time off starting in January. I am mourning the loss.


Caleb and Tricia said...

Did Jake really say that? Could you please petition Cathy (or with a K- Kathy???) to write down every funny cruise-adventure related thing he says and report back to us with it? He is a riot.

And I too, miss the days of Spring Break where visiting Grandparents was as good as it gets. And I miss the Sensation. Most Def.

Heather and Trey said...


once during spring break I went to oneonta, al.
it was a freakin' blast.
right, trish?

Crystal and Billy said...

I too miss Spring Break...I hate growing up, it is not fun at all. But I guess I do get a honeymoon in a little over a month (does that count as a Spring Break), but it really is not the same is it??

LWolfe said...

What!!! Jake, get a grip! We used to go to the MS gulf Mexico for us! I recall on one such trip my sister and I ate so much pineapple that we couldn't feel our tongues! Pineapple is a natural meat tenderizer.

Erin Butler said...

Hey Amanda... Even though Jake gets to go Mexico, he will never have the wonderful Chucalissa memories that we share! Personally I think it really is his loss.. haha. Miss ya!