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Friday, April 6, 2012

The rest of March

Kate turned two on a Sunday, which meant she got to move up from the nursery to Children’s Church! She was just as excited about that as the fact it was her birthday! Here are her and Pres in front of her nursery room the last Sunday she was there. P3100103P3100104

While we were in Florida, Luke put up a backsplash in our kitchen…it looks awesome, but I am not sure who watched the kids while this was completed!IMG_0435 IMG_0437

Just hanging out! IMG_0449 IMG_0466 IMG_0469 IMG_0474 IMG_0477 IMG_0485

Cousin Audrie came to visit during Spring Break. We had a wonderful day at the zoo!IMG_0495 IMG_0503 IMG_0507

And loved playing outside!IMG_0520 IMG_0539 IMG_0543

One day while I was sleeping, Luke let the kids play in the sprinkler. He told me he got some cute pics (which he did!) but I laughed looking through them because I assumed the kids would be in their swimsuits! Another reason why Daddy is more fun! IMG_0550 IMG_0560 IMG_0570 IMG_0575 IMG_0597 A leprechaun came to visit on St Patty’s Day!IMG_0628

We love receiving birthday mail..especially hand made dresses from Aunt Jan!IMG_0634 IMG_0642

The night before Kate turned three..IMG_0655 IMG_0657

And the morning of her birthday!IMG_0661

When I asked her what she wanted for breakfast, she requested bacon and eggs from Layla’s chickens…and that’s what we had!IMG_0664 IMG_0668

Her lunch request was El Porton and a gumball at the end! IMG_0671 IMG_0677 IMG_0689 IMG_0696 IMG_0697 She cracked me up when they sang to her…no free smiles here, senors!IMG_0710

We stopped on the way home to take some pictures in front of these gorgeous cherry trees. I remember when we left the hospital after she was born, & they had bloomed almost overnight then, too!

IMG_0717 IMG_0722 IMG_0727 IMG_0732 IMG_0736 IMG_0772 IMG_0788 IMG_0795

My little cowboy cheesin it up! He anticipates the flash now with shut eyes :)IMG_0801 IMG_0803 IMG_0809 IMG_0817 IMG_0824 IMG_0828 IMG_0838

How much does Mommy love you?IMG_0843

Little monkey.IMG_0853 IMG_0856

We had a birthday dinner for Grammy on the Friday night before Kate’s party. Kate and Preston painted her a birdhouse and Luke attached a wind chime to the bottom. IMG_0865

After Kate’s party, the family stayed over at my parents’ for a cookout for my Mom’s bday. IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1158 IMG_1160 IMG_1163

The newest member of the family!IMG_1164 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1173 IMG_1179 Aunt Tracy gifted Kate as many wands as any good fairy will ever need!IMG_1217

Playing with Papa Q and Ninabelle.

IMG_1225 IMG_1247

These crack me up so much!

 IMG_1254 IMG_1260

Kate got her first big booboo from the big slide at Shelby Farms :(P3070077 P3080083

Play group at church:

  P3180107 P3180111

So exciting…more birthday mail from Aunt Hilda!!P3200115

And her three year old check up! She weighed 33 lbs and was 3 feet 3 inches tall on her 3rd birthday! Anyone that knows me knows I love things that are divisible by 3. She couldnt have done better!P3260120 P3260127

Eden and I braved the zoo one day last week with five kids 3 and under. They were all so good, & the kids had a wonderful time!! I am so thankful for our zoo, & friends like Eden who are braver than I am!P3270129 P3270136

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams

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jensey said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again- If y'all evvvver need family photos, let me know! Your kiddies take "cute" to a whole other level! <3