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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mama's Birthday

At the beginning of the month, my mom, sister, and I left town for a weekend in Seaside! My mom has always wanted to run the Seaside 5K that benefits the school there, and she turned 50 this month, so Megan and I decided now was the time. Mom and I trained to run, and we did it!! Megan "wogged" the entire thing, and we all got a Vera Bradley bag at the finish line!!We had an absolutely perfect vacation full of seafood, rest, and running!
I had to leave these three cute faces for the first time since the wreck…hard to do, but very much needed!!Luke was amazing! He not only kept my babies in one piece for the weekend, the house was clean and they were all happy!P3010045Here were the snacks I made for our trip:
We brought along this sign and changed its’ wording daily! I didnt get a pic of the first one about Kath’s Big 5-0! We had a one room condo above Miss Lucille’s Gossip Parlor. It was an adorable part of the beach we had never stayed at before.
 P3020046 P3020047
Did I mention we ate well on this trip? Before dinner at the Red Bar.P3020056P3020052 P3020053 P3020054
We got up on Saturday morning, and it was pouring! All. Day. Long. We enjoyed breakfast and coffee at a cute little coffee shop.  P3020057P3020059 P3020060 P3030061
That night we had dinner at Bud and Ally’s. delish. P3030062race This is us post race. With out new Vera bags (which is a whole story in itself of how we ended up with the one we wanted, all three with the same pattern with all the workers shouting, “No trades!” Let’s just say we made a total of 4 trades between us to get what we wanted!)

Our cute lil condo:
 P3030064 P3030065 P3030066 P3030067
My mom is the most self-less, cheerful, life-loving people I know! She never meets a stranger, opens her home to everyone all of the time, has raised 4 awesome kids :), and does all of this on very little sleep. My friends in high school always asked when she slept...haha! We cant go out in public without a flood of little people flocking to her. I love her so very much and hope that one day I can be just like her!

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