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Friday, November 4, 2011


We love celebrating holidays! We have had a busy month with birthdays, Halloween stuff, and then there is just life stuff. Here are the kiddos before MDO one morning. I think Kate looks so old...and so beautiful!
But this one is perhaps my favorite! haha!

One of my favorite people in the world and her two boys stopped by! I am so glad they live closer so maybe I can see this dollbaby more often (and Heather too!)
And we got a new puppy. Oh wait, that is our son. He does this at other people's houses too. Weird kid.
Do you let your kids jump on your bed? Yea, me neither.
We spent one Saturday morning at Our Family Farm. One of my good friend's from high schools parents own/run the farm, and it is awesome! And it is about 1.5 miles from my parent's house.
I guess Luke needs a 5 horse bumper pull trailer for his two headed horse.

Picking out a punkin.
Before church the week of his birthday!

On his actual birthday, we had a yummy breakfast...
And then headed to the park!
Eden and her girls met us...(we always have our hands full with our four babies within 26 months of each other :) And so did Elizabeth and Easton!
And then we baked his cake. (Kate told me she didnt like this picture b/c she was durdy.)
The kids had open house at Hogwarts. Kate was acting crazy. Her teachers tell me she never talks or smiles at school. She holds it all in for the ride home, I guess!
She fell asleep on the way home and Pres and I had an impromtu photo shoot by our house.
Add caption
Right now, Kate loves the self timer on my camera. And I like it because I get to be in pictures with my best friend.

Then, we had Pres' perfect Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party. Loved it. Love that kid. He loves balls.

We had dry ice left from the ice cream cones from the party, and Luke was ordering everyone around trying to get a crazy picture. This picture kept cracking us up.
We call it Grammy's Gone Mad.
We've had a few cold snaps. So refreshing.
Does Kate look 16 to anyone else? Does she look like she's from the 70s to anyone else?
Multitasking Daddy
Dad, please dont drop him.

Smore smores with the Johnstons
Dabney's Nursery (Luke's paradise) had a fall fest, and we enjoyed all the free activities. Pres esp loved this duck.
Waiting on the mule wagon for a ride.

Picking out plants with Daddy.
Look who we found! Baby Easton! Yay!

We also did Zoo Boo this year. It was so crowded! The zoo looked awesome in all of its' Halloween decor, but it was so crowded!
Tigger pooped out early, but

Pooh loved Dracula's Disco!
Had I known this was going to be such a hit, I wouldve learned to Wobble before hand!

The alligator out front dressed up as tinkerbell? I think?
Kate decided to give herself and her bro a mud bath one afternoon.
We had the annual Trunk or Treat at our church. I didnt do a trunk this year because Luke was supposed to have class that night. It got cancelled, so he did get to meet us! I hate that I didnt get his red balloon in the photo!

I did provide a few props from Kate's 1st birthday party to the winning trunk...the very talented Artsy Fartsy Shopaholic.
Her baby girl was a cupcake, and she was a cupcake baker...with one in the over, no less!
Kate saw Megan and took off with her wagon. She thought Megan was going to steal her candy. haha!
The Grizzlies hosted a haunted house and movie for season ticket holders. Luke's buddy promised him tickets when he was in the coma in the hospital if he would just wake up. Luke woke up 6 hours later.
Tigger saw his girlfriend from MDO. They were so cute! I wish I had gotten a pic.

Kate and I carved our jack o lantern this year. She loved getting her hands in it!

Luke and I had Taylor Swift tickets for months. Like way before the wreck. That is all Luke wanted for his 30th bday. heehee. Anyway, we all got the stomach bug late Saturday night/Sunday. We laid around all day and felt pitiful, but Luke still felt well enough to go, and the kids were not acting sick at all. We dropped them off at Momma June's, and headed downtown. Originally, we had two sets of tickets because Luke bought a better set and we were going to sell two. We ended up giving them to his nurse, Mike, who was amazing during his stay at The Med. Mike loves TS like Luke...heehee. We met Mike and his girlfriend for dinner, and I felt horrible. The third time I left the table, I threw up until I was crying. When I got done, I felt so much better, but then was exhausted! Anyway, the concert was amazing; I was just so bummed that we had been planning a fun night out for so long and I was not a good date. As we were walking to our seats, I just started crying. I told Luke, I am so glad you are here. I still have moments that catch my breath because I cannot imagine me doing this without him.
If you ever get a chance to see Taylor in concert, go. Best show I have ever been to. Seriously.

We were all still recovering on Monday, so I had not planned on taking the kids out for Halloween. We didnt want to share the bug with our friends, but then we had trick or treaters show up at our door. Kate looked at Luke and said, "Daddy, I need to trunkortreat." Pitiful. We got the kids dressed really quickly and took them to five houses on our street. She was the happiest kid on the block, we didnt get anyone sick, and Mama got to bed early!

With the pumpkins they carved at Momma June's!

He got this sucker at the first house and that is all he wanted the rest of the night.

Ok, the question is, now that I have put away the Halloween decorations, is it too soon for Christmas?


Jensey said...

I know I've said it before, but you have the cutest family ever, Amanda. :) Been praying for Luke and I'm so happy to read these happy posts!

momtothreeintn said...

Kate has the best facial expressions EVER!!! Oh my word. They're both just adorable.

Tracy~ said...

how do I pick my favorite picture? I love the one of Kate behind Pres for his b'day pick - I mean she really does have the best facial expressions and Pres is still the happiest baby I've ever known..... I heart them!

ps - how was the shrimp?! ;)