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Friday, July 9, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine

by hiding in the SHADE!!! in the pool! with some ice cream! Whew! It has been so hot here in June, that July has to be better! We have been to the beach, enjoyed some pool time on the 4th, and just loved having Luke home a little more this summer.

Luke took Kate to Tremont at the end of May (yes, I am that behind!), and they had a wonderful time visiting his family.
Here is Kate and Blake feeding Bunbun, the rabbit. She loves to have Blake's attention, and is he isn't looking at her she does something to make sure he does, but she isn't too crazy about him holding her. I think he is too far off the ground. haha.
She came to wake me up after I had been sleeping one day, and found my glasses on the side table. Hopefully she got her Daddy's perfect vision and not mine!
How could I not wake up in a good mood?

We figured 15 months wasn't too early to start her out on some chores. KK taught her how to do laundry early!
She still has a pretty good appetite, but we have found a new favorite...spaghetti! She has gotten funny about meat in general, like no sandwich meat, ground beef, etc., but she will eat it up in spaghetti sauce. We even had stuffed shells this week and she loved it. She also won't eat a sandwich, unless you fix it for yourself. But don't try to put one on her plate!

Look for a Family Vacy '10 post soon!

Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.-- Russel Baker

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