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Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Bug

Look at my little RockStar! I think her hair might have a little curl in it! Hooray!
She is still very much a Daddy's Girl! If he is in the room, she requires his undivided attention. If he leaves, she pouts and cries. When he walks in the door, she grins from ear to ear and giggles. I love it, and I know Luke loves it even more!!
We had a mini photo shoot in our yard the other day. She makes the sweetest faces! And busy, busy! She won't even pause for a picture anymore! You can tell her mind is elsewhere.
I love these next few pictures. Luke had walked up to the house, and Kate was wondering why in the heck he didn't take her with him. She still refuses to walk in the grass...even with shoes on. Hilarious!

Our friends, the Hardins, are due October 10. They had a "sex party" to announce if they were having a Macy, or an Axel. We were excited to find out that there will be some pink in their future!
Kate watching her Dad play cornhole with her favorite sweety, Alysa. Alysa insists on feeding Kate sweets whenever we are together so Kate will love her. Just wait until Lenny Jane or Kale gets here in November!
Some of my favorite girls. It is funny that before Kate, there were zero babies in this group. Now, there are three babies and four on the way! (I also think the two without babies will have them very soon-heehee!) Don't visit our church unless you want a baybee!
We were each given a balloon with a slip of paper in it. They were all blank except for three of them that said...It's A Girl! Macy Kaylin will be here right around Preston's arrival.

Kate let her balloon go! Oops!!

Now, some more of the Precious Princess! She is just growing more and more everyday. Her personality cracks us up. She has more facial expression than some adults I know. It seems like she is continually changing...a different baby from last week, and the week before that. I just hope I can remember each little stage because I love them all. She will say Mama, Daddeee, dog, cat, bye bye, high five, thank you,  and rooster (once). Now, to get her to say these when I prompt her is a no go. She only talks when she wants to. Well, she only says words when she wants to. She "talks" all day long. I think she is a genius and is speaking Mandarin most days. She recognizes family members, friends, and dogs, and remembers where she leaves things at my parents and Nana's.Her little brain amazes me! She is not a huge fan of the pool, but she will get in now and not cry. This is really good news for a pregnant mama that wants to spend all day floating!

Greeting KK for breakfast!
This is how she sleeps in her carseat. Everything she does is precious :)
We are loving our zoo passes. They have already paid for themselves twice! Kate is really starting to see the animals, but she likes watching other kids just as much. The monkeys and pandas are her favorites.

Preston is still doing great. He likes to move...a lot. After I eat and 3-5 am are his favorite times to practice My tummy is getting bigger and bigger, and I go back next week and I'll see how much I've gained. I have felt great; just a few bouts of nausea here and there. So far, this pregnancy has been as easy as Kate's. I think it is the 14 month old and working nights that is making me tired!

Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.
– Bob Marley


Trace's Space said...

I can't even stand how cute she is! I love her!

Tricia said...

I love how she sleeps in the car!

LT (and Max) said...

OMG! i love her!!!

Erica B said...

I've told Aundrea this several times about you, so I thought I would pass it along! I just love your hair. It has the perfect amount of curl, it's a great length on you, and the color flatters you. But I am mostly jealous of that curl!! It's so pretty! Just thought you should know!

Heather said...

I want to kiss her!!
(kate, not amanda. Although I would kiss you too, boo!)

joven said...

hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

Ashley said...

Was blog hopping and came across your blog! Way to cute.

Your family and daughter are beautiful, I hope she gets your curls, they are beautiful!

Have a great rest of the week.