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Friday, July 9, 2010


We started off our vacation with a few days in Destin to celebrate my bff, Katelyn's, wedding. Me, Meg, my mom, Aunt Kelly, Jake, and Kate went early on Thursday and my Dad, Luke, Brett, and Blake met us in Perdido Key on Saturday. While The Girls+Jake were there, Kate and I were enjoying a piece on key lime pie for breakfast when she accidently hit it with her arm. One of my proudest parental moments, this darling didn't let any of it waste, but instead licked off every bit from her arm! She is definitely my child and has some Bousson blood in her! We love to eat!

Katelyn and Jamie's rehearsal dinner was at this fabulous location...her house! I spent many a spring breaks here! We ate crawfish until we about popped, and enjoyed hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in a while.
Luke and the turned out much cuter than me and her :( This was Saturday with the wedding on Sunday. But before I could run off for wedding preparations, we had to celebrate Luke's 2nd Father's Day!!

Daddy and Mini Me on our balcony...he made that outfit for her and brought it with him. Yes folks, he is smart, good looking, and multitalented!
I followed them out to the beach before I had to leave. She wasn't crazy about the water or sand...
but loved her beach chair under the tent.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Here is my cute family before hand.
I went to find my parents at the reception, and they were sitting with some of my favorite people! We got to see them two weekends in a row!

Kate loves her Pawpaw!

Luke had some fun with our camera. The wedding was on a golf course, and the reception was in the country club. There was a huge deck overlooking this lake, and the tent was on a lower deck. They had these awesome green lights lighting up the water. It rained...poured...and it reflected so nicely for some cool shots! The next one is cool because it was a really slow shutter speed, and you can see the outline of my belly where I was trying to get out of the picture.
The rest of the week was spent lounging. It was absolutely wonderful! I look forward to this week every year, and it did not disappoint!

This is her smiling at Brett. Watch out, Aunt Meg!
Liking the water a little more each day...

Finally, walking in the sand!

Possible Christmas Card

Or maybe this one...KK might like this one better because Luke's face is in a shadow. He almost got cut out of last year's! haha!

Everyone minus Nana

24 weeks!

Finally, a nap by the water

Dear Florida, I miss you. Do you miss me? Keep your beaches pretty and I'll be back same time, same place, next year. Love, Amanda


Trace's Space said...

1. I can't stop looking at the pics of Kate. I love her.
2. that last pic of you and kate is beautiful
3. Your beach tent is completely obnoxious
4. Poor Luke - half cut out of the Christmas card picture by Kate and the shadow.

~Lynne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the beach pictures & so wish we had been there! Myrtle beach just was NOT the same ... oh well.
You look great & I really like your hair!
Miss you so much & hope to see you in August (I already have Preston gifts!!)

Anna Little Morris said...

Kate IS a little Luke mini-me. I mean, it's amazing. I never thought Luke would be such a beautiful little girl!

You looked so cute pregnant. When I get pregnant, I'm going to think about cute you looked when you were pregnant, and I'm probably going to be depressed. Thanks for that.

Katelyn looked so pretty at the wedding!!! you can tell her I said so :)