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Friday, July 31, 2009

Where has this month gone?!

For Father's Day, Luke got a brand spankin new lawnmower! He is such a good Daddy to Kate, and we were tired of him getting frustrated everytime he went to mow! Now, he is the envy of the neighborhood...and our yard looks awesome! Fourth of July is Luke's favorite holiday. He says it has everything a holiday should have-time with family, a day off work, laying in the pool, good food-without all the things it shouldn't-a packed schedule, overpriced gifts, cold weather, being worn out. We had a two day celebration this year. Friday, we went to Uncle Eddie and Aunt Julie's for some poolside fun and fireworks in Bartlett!

Kate, Maggie, and Evie
Kate and me, Cassie and Will Come here Will! Let me bite your ear!They loved the fireworks! We spent Saturday in my parents pool! The first time Kate rolled over...and Jake was the only one to witness it!
1st Trip to the zoo!! Soo hot! But she loved it anyway! Cutie Patootie! Speaking of...we had a store named Cutie Patootie in Collierville next to Happi Nails where I get my toenails did. Tom and Tammy from Happi Nails gave me a $30 gift certificate there the week before I had Kate. I was driving by the other day, and it is GONE!! No more Cutie Patootie, and I still have a $30 gift certificate. That's enough to make ya cuss!
One of my sweet friends at work made her this precious dress! I absolutely love it, and Kate looks like a living doll in it!
Wild Child! We've added another Mama to the bunch!
Janet (with Natalie born in June), Me (without my bambino), Lesli (due in Sept), and Eden (due in Feb). We are missing Stefanie who is due in October, and Teresa with Jackson. This is just our small group! There are babies all over our church and it is so wonderful!
Have I mentioned we've had crazy weather all month! We had loaded up and were headed to play group and when I opened the garage, this is what I found! We promptly unloaded and went back inside!
Mama, I don't think I like cereal!
But I sure do look cute in it!
Taking time to smell the flowers.
What I really think about all these pictures!


Audra said...

Kate is one of the cutest little girls ever! Seriously, she's adorable! I just love her adorable little nose! It's so feminine. That dress and bonnet are to die for. That REALLY stinks about your gift certificate. You should call the owner up at her home and ask if if you can redeem it at her house!

You should take us on a house tour of your house since I've never seen it! There's you at least one post idea right there! We looked into Byhalia when we house shopped, but we must not have even seen the one y'all are in. It looks awesome!

Tricia said...

That dress is a-MAZE-ing!