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Friday, July 31, 2009

Florida Pics!

Our stinky feet and Kate's sweet feet Jake and Will playing Checkin out the sand and water She can almost get the whole thing in there!
Am I cute or what?
Hi Mom!
Chatting it up with her Daddy
The boys
The girls Workin on that fist again...I promise, we do feed this child!
Ah, to be this carefree in a bikini Body surfing-Dad's Hidden Talent
Coming in from the waves
Look which chair Luke chose to lay out in!!
I know Florida was almost a month ago, but there are some pictures that are too good not to post! Kate was a trooper and slept most of the way down there. After we made the annual stop at the Burris fruit market, she was awake and ready for the water! She was so good all week...napping during the day, and keeping her regular schedule at night. We had a wonderful time with the fam, and I wish I were back there now!


Audra said...

Okay that picture of Luke next to hot bikini babe with the older lady staring at him like she's gonna make him move with her eyes-hilarious! Did he know he took her chair?! LOL

Cassie said...

omg I love the three pair of feet pic I mayhave to steal the idea when we go in a month! We need to get Will and Kate together again soon :)