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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Supper Club in Oxford

My mom and I are in a Supper Club that consists of members of my 10th grade pom squad and our mamas. We have met once a month since May of, 10 years!! Every July, Supper Club is held at the Cole's beautiful home in Oxford. We enjoy yummy food at new restaurants, shopping on the square, and great company. Many years we have spent up late at night singing karaoke, or downtown listening to bands of people we know at home. This year we had a smaller group (The Cole's, the Neergaard's, my mom, me and kate), but the food was just as good as always, and the company was fabulous! We ate at Ajax and City Grocery...both were delicious! The Neergaard's had to head home early, but that didn't stop the rest of the group from sneaking out to a 9:45 movie. Yes, I was that unfit mother with her baby in the movie theatre at 9:45 pm. She slept through the entire thing, and then slept till noon the next day! I, of course, jumped out of bed at nine to get my shower, just knowing she would wake up at any minute. So much for sleeping in! I can't believe the only pictures I have from the weekend are of Kate, so here they are! Oh,did I mention that everyone in the Cole family is HUGE Rebel fans? I couldn't resist packing out Bulldog PJs from Uncle Blake!
Hail Dear Old State!


Audra said...

You're such an unfit mother. HA HA HA. I can't believe she slept through that movie and then until NOON the next day! We're lucky now if Drew sleeps after 7:30!

Trace's Space said...

you're going to have to break down and buy some Rebel gear!!!! I am SO loving that Luke is now a Reb....
Hotty Toddy!

AnnaLittle said...