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Monday, April 14, 2008

We're gonna party like it's your birthday!

All I asked for for my bday was crawfish and my pictures printed from shutterfly! Boy, did Luke really outdo himself on this one! He got up early on my bday morning (the 5th), and got 133 lbs of mudbugs! Mmm Mmm! I was at home enjoying breakfast compliments of Auren and Sara, and he got the partay rolling!! We had about 40 people over throughout the day, and the crawfish were delicious! Luke lived among some coonasses for a year and a half, and his cooking skills went up (along with his cholesterol :) Anyway, it was a perfect day relaxing outside, with friends and family, and wonderful food to eat! Thanks Luke!! When I woke up Sunday morning, I was greeted with, "Well, Good Morning Angelina!" My lips were swollen shut from eating so much crawfish!! Oops!
On the 4th, we celebrated Hallie's bday at Molly Fontaine Lounge in the Blue Room. If you have never eaten there, you def need to try it! It is in an historic house downtown, and is decorated very retro....crazy furniture, votives on the stairs and mantels...just a neat place to eat. You order several different dishes, and they come out on little plates...a great way to sample a little bit of kind of eating! Hallie and I were born one day apart 25 years ago at Baptist East. Our grandparents had slips next to each other at Pickwick when my mom and her dad were growing up, and then our dads lived together in the frat house at Memphis. When her mom called my mom to tell her she was in labor, my mom thought she was kidding because she thought she was in labor with me! We slept next to each other in the nursery, and have been friends ever since! It was fun to celebrate another birthday together!
Luke and I met up with Saunders at the Memphis-State baseball game last week at Redbirds Stadium. We had delicious Rendezvous bbq and cheese plate! Yum yum! We had to leave a little early so I could get to work, and we saw the building above!

Although Memphis lost in the finals of the NCAA tourney, it has been so refreshing to see how the city has supported them! Memphis is not a college town by any stretch of the imagination, so I LOVE to see some school spirit where I can get it! Go Tigers Go!

I also can't close without discussing my newest love, Rock Band. Luke got this about two weeks ago, and we haven't let it rest since! I am the drummer, and he plays guitar (and we make whatever poor soul is over here sing)! I really think the Center Stripe Armadillos could make it on MTV....especially with my sweet ink and facepaint!

Thanks to everyone who called, texted, sent cards, etc! My 25th was absolutely wonderful! (The sunflowers were from sweet Elizabeth, and the other bouquet was from Saunders and Jo!! Love yall!)

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? ~Satchel Paige


Tricia said...

wow! Sounds like quite the par-tay! 133 lbs of crawfish always equals a good time. We love you!

The Texas VicHorns said...

So fun! Crawfish and friends? perfect.

and you got flowers. bonus!

glad your birthday was fabulous!